Keepin It Real

25 Apr

Keepin’ it real


Look, if you’re trying to convert prospects into buyers you’ve got to keep something in mind, people can tell if you’re faking it. If what you’ve got as an entrepreneur/affiliate is something that folks have to jump through 253 hoops to get, lay that thing down.

People don’t want to be tricked but they don’t mind bein’ led, provided you actually take them somewhere.

If you truly want to be successful in your given industry, you definitely have to work at reaching your target market, you need something simple to use and easy to get, something that is truly beneficial; but there’s another aspect many new start ups and even some seasoned vets overlook.

If your product or service is truly valuable it’ll speak for itself, you really shouldn’t have to convince people.

Whatever you’re trying to sell as value, whether it’s information, a membership to the local gym, or some type of service you need to gain trust.

There’s way too many fakers out there. Do your own due diligence, find something valuable and let people know, educate them right up front and ask them to engage . . . it’s as simple as that. 


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