Maketing Not Marketing

25 Apr

Maketing..not marketing


You might be asking yourself, “Maketing, is this guy dyslexic?” Well, depending on who you talk to, that’s debatable lol; but I was just trying to grab your attention for a few minutes. Seriously, when you go into business, getting your name out there is important; but it’s only half the battle. If that’s your ultimate goal, good luck. It’s a great start but there’s more to it than that, you’ve gotta “maket” happen.

The idea of marketing isn’t new, people have tried a whole bunch of different things over the years. The ones that stand out are the those that can think outside of the box. Showing people who you are is great, but what you really want to do is leave an impression. You want people to remember you. You need to be separating yourself from the herd so to speak.

If you want to be truly profitable you have to “maket” happen. There’s far too many start up businesses out there nowadays. You need to stand out, take some risks, be different. This is what I call, “maketing101”.

Like I said before, what you have should be something truly valuable, forget the hype; but don’t neglect your own God given creativity. People like to see different. We’re all bombarded with companies trying to “make the sale”. Unless you’ve already spent a ton of money successfully branding yourself, you need to stand out. Don’t be scared, consumers like different, there’s no shame in it trust me. 


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