Hip Hop Heads and Industry Hype

30 Apr

Hip Hop Heads and Industry Hype


My favorite aspect of hip hop has always been the diversity factor. True hip hop heads know what I’m talkin’ about. What you hear on the radio these days is about as far away from hip hop as you can get. It’s what I call “industry hype”. No I didn’t coin the phrase and I honestly don’t even know if there’s an official definition for it; but real hop has kinda grown feet and walked away from its true hardcore fans

Back in the Day we used to call it poser music, or glam. I personally don’t think that would be fair to producers like Dre or any one of the ultra-talented offspring of this movement. When somebody creates heat, they command your respect. It took a long time for the south to come up with their own flavor for instance, bigups; but hip hop has always been rooted in jazz.

It’s organic, part of the street.

Like I said I respect people’s flow if they’ got skills no doubt; but too many labels out there could care less about my kids, or anybody else’s for that matter. Being a responsible hip hop artist may seem like an oxymoron; but it’s not. These cats know what it’s like to grow up in a single parent household, to look out into the future and not have any hope, to look around at their surroundings and lose sight of any goals their Grandma may have had for them to go to college. They know what “keepin it real” is all about. So what’s with all the garbage?


Greed is funny like that. It can blind anybody, any color, any background, any age, any demographic. That’s why I have such a deep appreciation for crews like the Tunnel Rats, Humblebeast and Deepspace 5 for instance (there’s more) They’re considered “underground” because they don’t fit the mold, no “industry hype”, responsible artists trying to make a real difference, not just “dollar dollar bills”.


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