Godzilla versus Rapzilla – The Saga Continues

2 May

Godzilla versus Rapzilla

The Saga Continues (Thank God)

You’ve probably heard the story about David and Goliath. Most people have. There’s a few things to walk away with but what I like most about the about the story is the underdog factor. David is just a little dude. He can’t even wear the armor that the soldiers put on him because of the weight. They tried to suit him up, they tried to give him what they thought he needed; but he wasn’t havin’ it. He had faith that things would work out regardless of the outcome, enter Rapzilla.


These cats have been blazing trails for a good minute. There’s others like them that deserve mad respect such as Sphere of Hip Hop for instance (big ups to Plastic); but Rapzilla is just one that sticks out in my mind. I’ve learned about all kinds of artists I’d never heard of there over the years. They have their own unique flavor of excellence. They never tried to be like Sphere of Hip Hop either (which is much appreciated).

Sphereo forums are a great place to connect with your favorite artists (as long as you know how to act) and they’ve even got their own video line up (and merch section) which is really cool. I’m forever grateful to them believe it. I learned some stuff about myself, lurking around posts.

Rapzilla on the other hand (although they’ve got forums too) focuses mainly on showcasing. There’s a couple of copy cats (we won’t go there today), that although their heart seems to be in the right place, are absolutely covered with advertising. Not only does it make it hard to to load, it just looks cheesy.

Advertisements make money. It takes money to make money; but that’s not real hop. Real hop is about putting the cookies down on the bottom shelf. It’s about makin’ sure that your fans have access to your flow, as if they were right there with you on the corner watching you freestyle. There’s nothing wrong with making money no doubt, but that’s when people buy your stuff off the merch table at your shows, it’s when people pay ticket price to come see you perform live.

If you wanna have a “hip hop” site, cool, we need you . . . just don’t forget to keep it real ’cause real heads will put you on blast quicker than you can take in ad money believe it.

Consider yourself in check.

Dare to be different.


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