Wealth is a Biproduct of the Value You Create

7 May


Growing up I was always taught that hard work is what creates wealth.  In a way that’s true; but thinking like that can also create a sense of entitlement.  When you work hard, just expecting adequate compensation for your output, although a reasonable presumption, it’s easy to build a negative mindset that can actually become detrimental to your overall success.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an associate, the trick to long-term sustainability in the marketplace is service and value.  For instance, in management the idea is to work yourself out of a job.  I know it seems counter intuitive; but that’s the goal if you want to move forward in your career.  Clutching your position, grappling to maintain your current status, that kind of attitude will only serve to stifle your growth.  Chances are, unless it’s just a nuts and bolts position on the back end, you probably won’t be keeping it for too long either.  You may not realize it but people can tell and it smacks of fear, an undesirable quality for leadership.

When you own a business, the dynamics are different however the same holds true.  Marketing yourself isn’t easy when all you’ve got is dollar signs in your eyes.  It makes you seem desperate and greedy.


Wealth is funny.  Many people think that they need to gain riches to achieve a sense of value.  It’s actually the other way around.  Just because you work like an animal and pray like a madman doesn’t mean God is gonna drop a big bag of gold in your lap.  You have to work on you before anybody’s gonna pay attention to what you do.  You have to become a source of inspiration to others, give and serve others first, the money will follow.

It takes selfless effort on our part to be perceived by those around us as truly valuable. Money is just a tool that reflects your level of commitment, how effective you are in your given profession, a way to measure results.

Remember the used car dealer in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory“?   That dude could sell right?  Every chance he got he was giving out his business cards, talking about his thing.  It may work in the short term; but you really end up leaving a bad taste in peoples mouth, kind of like the Kirby salesman.  He walks up and down the street knocking doors, trying to weasel his way in to sell you a $2,000 vacuum that you can buy on Amazon for $699.00. The average person can see them coming from a mile away, they’re just looking for somebody to manipulate.  Kirby’s are great don’t get me wrong we own one, they are worth the 2k . . . but I got ours at a Kirby repair shop for $300.00, $400 less than what I could pay to have it delivered to my house and $1700 less than what I’d pay one of those rascals to clean my carpet for “free”

There are people out there that will negotiate with you even if you’re just about the money, after all business is business and people actually like to spend; but if you want longevity at your job with steady promotions, if you want financial security in your business, to attract quality leads and have the ability to maintain momentum and leverage your skills, you’ve got to let go of you.  Respect people, respect yourself, be grateful for what you have, read lots of books, work on getting better at what you do, learn to love the process; the money will come.


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