5 Keys to Skyrocket your Success – Part 3

11 May


We started out talking about finding your “why”, the reason you want to succeed. The next phase was about mindset, positioning yourself for success, attracting people who are already creating the results that you’re looking for, finding mentors that will teach you the ropes.

Both of those things are absolutely critical if you want more out of life than you’re currently getting. Who you are today is a direct result of how you think, we’re hard wired like that; but those two key components are only the beginning, the foundation.

The next step is the hardest part to the whole process, creating momentum.

Getting started is the hardest part to be real. We all have our routines, things we like to do, shows on TV we just “can’t miss” etc. In the real world though, those are just excuses we come up with so that we don’t feel so bad for being lazy (sorry). Whether it’s starting a work out routine, or just getting out of bed sometimes, getting started can be like pulling teeth.

The problem is if you don’t get moving, if you don’t start the first page of the first chapter of that book you wanna write, if you don’t sit down and fill out the paperwork for that college grant you keep talking about, if you don’t make that appointment with the doctor that you keep putting off (you get the picture), it won’t happen.

Procrastination comes naturally. We want to do, what we want to do, when we want to do it; but failing to plan and then making excuses for why you never implemented any goals to get there won’t do anything but leave you depressed. Deep down inside, in the back of your subconscious mind; you know what you should be doing and it eats away at you. We just keep stuffing it down until it surfaces as something else like alcoholism, high blood pressure, or worse.

We all have to deal with procrastination at various levels, even “successful” people. All of us have seasons where we feel powerless to do what we know we should. Sometimes it’s better to walk away and take some time to reflect. The problem is when we use the roadblocks, the adversity, the pain as an excuse to not do anything. It’s a vicious cycle of defeat. The only way out of the rut is to get started.

Take one step at a time. Don’t push it (unless you feel you can). There’s nothing wrong with baby steps. Just do something.

I mentioned the book. I heard about a guy who wanted to write one about business. He kept putting it off, blaming the fact that he had to work so hard every day and he was just so tired when he got home that it seemed impossible. He finally just decided he’d write one page a day. By the end of the the year, he not only had a book written, it did very well.

Look, the last thing I want this to do is come off as pure hype; but this is one of those topics that needs a little bit, not fluff . . . hype. If you’re honest and you take a good look around at the people in your life, that’s you. You might have a different set of skills, you may be more talented in certain areas; but that’s you plain and simple.

Average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best, If you want to rise above your circumstances, not be better than anybody else, I mean take off, skyrocket your success, you’ve got to be willing to do what it takes.

Once you get started, it gets easier, kind of like building a fire. First, you’ve gotta find some dry wood, then you’ve gotta find kindling, then you need to stack it right so it gets enough air flow, then you’ve gotta have spark.

When you’ve got all the right ingredients you light the kindling and wait. Sometimes you have to end up re-lighting it a few times until it gets going and then bingo, you’ve got heat.

After a while, it starts to die down but the coals are still hot. At that point it’s just a matter of tossing in a couple of logs to keep it going (as long as you’re paying attention).


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