5 Keys to Skyrocket your Success – Part 4

11 May


Okay you’ve gotten this far so I know you’re serious, congratulations! Most people lose interest after they get to the part when somebody tells them to “Get Moving”.

I don’t like to call people out to be honest there’s no joy in it for me believe it. As a matter of fact while I’m writing this series, it’s actually challenging me in some areas; but when it comes to formulating an action plan for your vision, beginning the process of building momentum is the only way to get it started.


This rule applies no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re starting a business, trying to find work, applying for college, whatever. You may be thinking, “Paul, I thought we were gonna get into some meat”. Well, if you think about it, “standing out” is what it takes to rise above the competition and there’s a science to it.

If you’ve been working on the first three keys, believe it or not you’re well on your way. The vast majority of people just don’t care that much. They think, “Hey if you don’t like me, take a hike”.

In my younger years I was involved with the hip hop scene for a while as a promoter and I noticed something. There’s a huge difference between being popular and standing out.

The artists that truly stand out, the ones that get respect, are the ones that can create their own suction without spending millions of dollars in marketing. It’s like breathing to them. The reasons are multifaceted, however the main thrust of their underground success is that they started out like the rest of us and worked their way up; freestyling on corners, spitting at open mics, gradually honing their skills to perfection.

Not to mention they truly care about their fans.

It’s not just about ticket sales and selling “merch”, it’s how they perform on stage, the interaction with the audience, providing memorable moments in their set, doing free interviews after the show and signing autographs. Their “performance” is no different than it would be chopping it up in the street, no pretense.

There’s a reason to have security at your events, some people are just plain crazy; but when you connect with people on that level they feel like you’re their friend.

When you’re applying for a job, some say that you should wear a “power suit”, that there’s some kind of a mathematical formula to dress. Naturally depending on the job you’re applying for it could be a determining factor; but that’s not necessarily true. If you wear a power suit on a regular basis, go for it; but what most managers are looking for, outside of skill level and marketable value is something lacking in our culture today, common sense. You wouldn’t wanna show up in a dirty shirt, sagging yesterdays pants, you wanna convey a certain level of respect; but standing out is more about who you are.

Whether you look like everybody else or not isn’t the issue. If you’re creating value outside the workplace like coaching little league, volunteering for something you’re passionate about, if you have the right mindset, if you care about people, if you stick to your commitments, if you don’t need supervision to get things done, these are the kinds of things that employers look for in the end.

Standing out, positioning yourself above the rest takes all three of the first 3 keys we’ve discussed. It’s a combination of knowing why you’re in the game, surrounding yourself with positive influences that will encourage and challenge you and being in the process of building your own momentum. Once you get all these going together in unison, you create your own unique kind of suction.

Who you are, matters.


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