5 Keys to Skyrocket Your Success – Step 2

11 May


Hey thanks for stopping back in. It’s a privilege and an honor to be able to be a part of your day, hope yours is going good. 🙂

So let’s recap, the last time we talked about the importance of finding your “why”.

Why you do what you do.

Most successful people, were at one point, where you are right now. They had the same struggles, the same disappointments, the same burdens; but somehow they managed to keep a smile on their face and keep moving. They weren’t concerned with what they didn’t have, they were driven by a predetermined outcome. Which brings us to the next point.

Their thought process wasn’t so much dominated by the drive to get ahead as it was just doing what most people aren’t prepared to do, maintain the right mindset regardless of the outcome in order to attract the right people into their lives. Look at it like this. If you have two pianos in the same room and you hit one of the keys, the same note on the other piano will resonate, it’s like that with people too. If you have the right mindset it will resonate with others who are on the same page and they’ll be drawn to you.

In order to do that we need to focus on why we want to succeed. For some it’s so their wife can finally stay home. For others, it’s so they can one day travel the world or maybe have the freedom to start their own business doing something they love. No matter what your why is, if you don’t keep it at the forefront of your mind, it’ll be palpable, a visual display of nervous insecurity whether you think people notice or not.


So onto Step 2

Once you understand the importance of mindset and have developed some skill in that area, if you truly want to succeed, you need to get around others who are already creating the results that you’re looking for; to get in tune with where they’re going, how they think, feel and react to financial adversities, to prosperity and success. Sometimes that means cutting off relationships with negative people in of your life. That’s not always possible of course; but where it is an option, you should do it. Their negative energy will drain the life right out of your dreams.

At times it’s a spouse an old friend or a close family member. They tend to know us better than anybody so it’s most likely born out of some past experience where you may have lost money in a business deal gone bad, maybe you were so excited about some new “opportunity” that you quit your job to do it full time only to find out it was nothing but hype, a puff of smoke. In that case you just need to keep moving, keep pushing through, use the negative energy as fuel to build momentum. Just don’t allow it to become a distraction.

That’s when the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people comes into play. You feed off of each others energy! You also have the added benefit of accountability which in many cases can be the difference between success and failure depending on your personality type. If you’re like most of us, you need it.

Finally, find some mentors with a heart to help. You don’t even need to physically be around them! You can download and listen to audio or just read books by successful people. Your subconscious mind can’t tell if they’re next to you or even whether or not they’re talking to your personally!

If you need some help finding quality resources, hit me up I’d be glad to point you in the right direction.


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