5 Keys to Skyrocket Your Success – Part 5

12 May


This is where the rubber meets the road. Are you ready?

I mean really, ARE YOU READY?

I honestly wouldn’t recommend this to anybody unless they’ve got the first four keys down pat. It’s way too easy (especially in this economy) to make an emotional decision to disengage and take a leap of faith into the future that you perceive as being “the opportunity of a lifetime” when you don’t see a way out of your present circumstances. There’s some things to keep in mind before you put yourself out there, this is serious business.

In order to step into this particular area of dreaming you need to have a few things in check. These are just a couple of ideas. You can manipulate the numbers a bit, I don’t know your personal circumstances; but they’re pretty close to objective in my opinion.

If the option to get going on a part time basis is available, try it out and see what happens, there’s no shame in it. However if you think you’re ready to go full time . . . let’s do this.

First off, you need to have a working partner, somebody who believes fully in what you’re doing and is willing to make the kind of sacrifices that it takes for you to step out. If not, then at least have three to four months worth of savings to fall back on.

That means rent/mortgage, lights, car payment, food, all of it. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, however preparedness is also a great concept to ponder. Some would call that a “lack of faith”, I call it using your noodle. 😉

“Wisdom consists in rising superior both to madness and to common sense, and is lending oneself to the universal illusion without becoming its dupe”

Henri Frederic Amiel

There’s nothing like “leaving it all behind” to begin a new life of freedom, only to end up more in debt than when you started (been there). I’ve known some characters that sold everything to go into business for themselves and jumped into it with nothing but hope and a prayer, who got rich. It can happen; but those situations are generally the exception to the rule.

Don’t ever think the Universe owes you a favor because you suddenly decided to change your life. It takes time to build momentum and it takes some resources to stay afloat in the sea of success. Having a positive attitude will definitely help keep you moving when times get tough, and they will; but positivity doesn’t pay the bills. It’s all summed up in four words, “dream big, be practical”. That’s my take, having no earthly idea who you are.

Now, when you have your affairs in order, it’s time to let go. This is when it gets exciting!

There’s a season for some people (not all), where you’re standing at the edge of a cliff. You look behind you and don’t see any other options. Everything you’ve tried, everything you thought you knew, though it may have been a valuable learning experience, brought you to this place of desperation. You know deep down inside there’s no going back.

(this isn’t for dabblers, if you’ve already got millions in the bank there’s no risk involved)

The place I’m talking about is high up on top of a cliff. There’s no railing, the wind is blowing, the rain is beating against the back of your skull, you’ve got marauders on their way to take you out, it’s do or die; but you decided a long time ago, that if and when the time came it was all or nothing . . . because you flat out refuse to give up.

Are you there right now? If not, if there’s any part of you that isn’t thoroughly convinced that there are no other options, go home. Hug your family. Standing out here in the wind is just gonna be a waste of your time. You’ll feel good for a while; but it’ll be useless to you in the long run unless you’re actually prepared to jump. Because if you do, it’s gonna take everything you’ve got to keep from hitting the dirt. In fact if you’re kidding yourself (and that very well could be true), it may leave you thinking that you’re at a very different place in your mind. You may convince your subconscious that just because you stood out here for a while that you’ve experienced what it means to jump. If you’ve never flapped those beautiful wings of yours like it or not, you don’t know how to fly.

It could literally stifle you altogether.

Escaping the matrix of financial despair is more than just thinking about flying away from your problems. It’s much more than just planning for your future, knowing why you need to, or having the right mindset. It’s all of those things plus heart! If you’re not prepared mentally for this exercise, I’m not trying to put your fire out; but it won’t work.

Heart is something soldiers find on the battlefield, it’s what heroes are made of. It doesn’t mean lack of fear, it means twice as much resolve. It’s not about feeling ready, it’s about knowing that there’s no plan b, it’s wanting success like you want your next breath.

If that’s you. I “pity the fool” that stands in your way.

Now close your eyes, imagine yourself flying in the clouds, 30,000 feet above your problems and takeoff! You can do this! Get out there! 


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