What Is A Mother?

12 May


I don’t know about your experience, we all have different backgrounds; but my Mom was literally “the strongest person I ever knew”. She went through things no woman should ever have to face. From the time she was a little girl, it was a constant struggle; but she kept moving.

Juanita Brewer . . . superwoman extraordinaire.

“I don’t know how she did it.”

In high school she had friends from all over the map. She fit in with just about anybody because she was so awesome. I know that may sound biased; but you never met this lady. If you did you’d know what I was talking about. Mom touched everyone’s life that knew her. The older she got, the more friends she made, it was inevitable. She didn’t try, people just loved her.

She grew up in the fifties, she liked rock and roll and big band music. When she wasn’t working, doing laundry, folding clothes, washing dishes, teaching ceramics in the basement, cutting out coupons, food shopping or any number of things (she was unstoppable), we’d be sitting around together watching old movies. She knew every word to every song and man could she sing. She was always singing, I think it helped her to focus.

Mom was always very patriotic too, she grew up with the draft in full swing so she knew what that was all about, sacrifice and service. She loved this country and taught us to do the same. The values that made this nation great are what shaped her. America may have lost her way; but if things could go back to how they were when she grew up, how she described the people, we’d be well on our way back to superpower status in a hurry.

They knew how to live and thrive, no matter the circumstances! Nothing could get them down, they knew the dangers America faced collectively and refused to give up on our system of Government! They were involved knee deep and up to their elbows.

“She was an inspiration!”

There was also a community ethic, everybody knew what was right and what was wrong. There was no separation of ethics and public policy. There were cultural and familial norms you could almost set your watch by. When you sent your kids to school, if you let them run the neighborhood, you knew there were other adults around who were reinforcing your values.

How different we are now.

The struggles that she endured made her stronger because she “chose” to get better instead of bitter. She was a person of principle. She never lied, always kept her word. If she said she was gonna do something, it was as good as done.

If you got under her skin you knew you’d done something terribly wrong, almost like you crushed a rose under your foot into the pavement.

..an amazing woman my Mom.

Anyway, Happy Mothers Day to all of you out there raising little hellions (including my lovely wife). Just in case somebody is taking you for granted, hopefully this cheers you up a little bit. Keep going, your kids will remember every bit of your portion in their lives, right down to the last drop.

I promise.




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