Can I create my own success?

1 Jun


Creating Your Own Success is Easier Than You Think

What does success look like to you? What does it mean to create your own success story? It’s different for everybody; but are you reaching your full potential? Is it some kinda magical formula that you can download off of the internet? Is it some push button wonder program?

Is it getting your degree so you can finally do what you’ve always wanted to do, or maybe to put yourself in a better financial position to finally be making enough money to build a nest egg? Is it getting a promotion at your job or being able to travel around the world whenever you wanted to with whoever you wanted to do it with, maybe winning the lottery? Does it mean having a great family with healthy, well adjusted kids, big Christmas parties, getting along with your neighbor, living in a big house?

Notice what your mind did when I asked you those questions. As you read them, it “created” images in your schema of what all of those things would look like, to you.

We all have our own ideas of success; but whatever you’re aiming at you need to have a vivid picture of what that would look like in your mind. If you can’t envision yourself, you personally, in your future as a won’t be.

We have to program ourselves for success by seeing it ahead of time.

Our minds are amazing. What we think about, what we watch, what we listen to, has a direct relation to how things end up.

Can you create your own success story? You will create it, or you wont.

As you read this you may be getting excited, or you may be saying to yourself, “What a crock”. Regardless of what you think or feel it’s your mind using a process called a “transderivational search“. That’s just a fancy way of explaining how your subconscious will receive and interpret information through it’s own unique grid. How you were raised, the influence of society, your memories, all these things play pivotal roles when it comes to interpreting reality.

There are things that are true, regardless of how we feel about it. We can’t create truth out of falsehood; but we can train our subconscious mind to work better at helping to shape our future by listening to audios and reading stories about successful people in books. Your mind will put you in those stories as it looks for ways to relate to the person(s) portrayed.

Christ used parables. There was a reason for that. The human mind is extraordinary!

If we want out of the Matrix, we’ve gotta start to think outside of the box.

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