Freedom is the goal

3 Jun


What’s really going on?

Is freedom finally dead?

I just watched an inspirational video, it kinda put me in sort of a melancholy mood lol.

Steve Jobs was a visionary. He was the type that didn’t let anything stand in the way of his dreams. Apple was his life, his aim, his purpose; but when he was faced with his own mortality, it got him thinking. It helped him put things in their proper perspective.

All of us are gonna come to that point, someplace in our lives. What a shame it would be to have never had the time to say what needed to be said, to never have had the opportunity to be where we know we should have been because we were married to our careers.

Nobody has ever said on their death bed, “I wish I could just spend a little more time at the office”.


If you went to the doctors office one day and found out that you only had a few months, weeks or days to live, what would you be thinking? What would be going through your mind? I know what’s gonna be running through mine, “What kind of an impact have I made?” “Did I really make a difference?” “Have I said what needed to be said?”

All the things I should have done.

Of course we’ll say, “Well, I had to be at work” and we’ll explain it away justifying all the time we spent away from our loved ones, all the times we didn’t make a consorted effort to care for those around us. We’ll make the same excuses everybody else does because the majority of us have been conditioned to think and act like there are no other real options, like what we’re doing is all there is.

It’s just not true.

The problem is most of us have crappy attitudes and the wealthy, successful people in the world that understand the importance of keeping a positive mindset just don’t have the time or the energy to put up with it. It’s our fault.

If you want an escape hatch, click here. Don’t end your life in regret.

There’s a way out, take it.

<— “No More Prospecting”, 2013 Exclusive Training Session

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