“No More Prospecting”, 2013 Exclusive Training Session

3 Jun


The iron butterfly syndrome

I don’t know if anybody has told you this; but the old ways of doing network marketing just don’t work anymore.

The game has changed and if you’re doing things the way they’ve always been done, you’re just revealing a level of ignorance that is actually doing serious harm to your endeavors to become successful. Now before you get upset and start acting like a wuss let’s look at the word “ignorance”.

Definition of IGNORANCE

: the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness

All it means is that you’re not aware of a particular subject or line of thinking.

The ideal way that it’s always been done goes like this;

You call somebody on the phone and try to convince them to take a look at something important, they seem interested so you set up a time to meet. You go to meet with them, hand them a tape or a DVD, briefly explain what it is you’re involved with and tell them “not to worry” that you’ll be there every step of the way to guide them. They agree to think about it, you thank them for their time and either leave or stay depending on perceived interest to overcome any objections they may have to close right there on the spot.

If you decide to leave then you follow up with them which actually looks like this.

Every time they hear from you, they know what to expect and unless they’re interested they don’t pick up the phone. You rinse and repeat two or three times until you finally give up or receive a restraining order whichever comes first.

Now to begin with, if they do decide to get on board you’ve just set yourself up for an awful lot of work. You told them that you’d hold their hand and help them achieve the success you were talking about. What that means to them essentially is that you promised be their coach and their cheerleader if they got involved; so your goal at that point is to teach them how to do the same thing that you’re doing so you can do the whole thing all over again with somebody else.

Does that sound like the freedom you were looking for when you decided to start your own business? Does it sound like the freedom you promised them?

Probably not.

In fact the better you get, the more work is involved. Soon your new prospects want your help closing deals on three way calls. Then the ones that you convince to become affiliates think, “Hey I can get rich too, all I’ve gotta do is get this guy on a three way call“.

Are you starting to get the picture?

If you succeed at what you’re doing . . . down the road, will it mean more freedom or less?

Listen, I’m not trying to dissuade you from going for your dreams or working hard to get there; but what if there was a way, a technique to employ that would actually reward you down the road with freedom? What if there was a way become more “free”, free to spend time with your family, free to travel where you want, whenever you want, isn’t that why you got involved? Isn’t that what success is all about?

If you wanna know how, click here.

If you see a Butterfly struggling to get free from the cocoon and you help it along, it’ll drop to the ground and never learn how to fly. The same goes for people. If you think that being a leader means carrying people across the finish line, you’re in the wrong business.

Thanks for stopping in. 😉

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