Marketing Mistakes and Missing Mentors

10 Jun


The best teacher is experience but when it comes to online u>marketing, that could cost you a ton of money.

How to avoid online marketing pitfalls

When I first got going online, I did some Google searches on advertising, a little bit of research about the online marketing jungle and after about a week and a half I thought I had it licked.

It seemed hard at first; but hey I’d been looking around for a full 10 days right? What else did I need?

I had Google.

I put together a website with some really cool content, had a few banner ads pointing to it, I had some advertising in the sidebar, a few marketing strategies put in place, it was the beginning of my journey to online riches!

Needless to say I fell flat on my face. 😉

Marketing and Mentors

If there’s one thing I’ve figured out in life it’s this. “You learn from your mistakes, or you learn from mentors”; but even then you’ve gotta be discerning. There’s plenty of con artists out here just waiting for the opportunity to fleece clueless noobs with bad or outdated online marketing information.

Don’t be one of them.

Thanks for stopping in. ;)

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