How to deal with negative people

10 Jun


Don’t allow negative people to determine your future

In the pursuit of your dreams, there’s always gonna be negative people taking pop shots. Sometimes it’s a friend or a relative, sometimes it’s just somebody you strike up a conversation with about your business. Usually it’s because they’re stressed out themselves and it makes them feel better pulling you into their negative world.

What makes negativity so difficult to endure is that it usually takes everything you’ve got just to regain focus. Negative people are like emotional vampires.

Negative people suck

When you’re forced to deal with negative people up close and personal in your own home it’s like death. If you have to live like that, I really feel bad for you; but you can’t let it stand in your way, you need to keep going if you want the results. You’ve gotta keep getting up. If you allow the energy from the frustration and the heartache negative people are so good at creating to keep you down, you’re dreams just won’t materialize, period.

There’s a learning curve to success, an incline that you need to maintain steady pressure to climb regardless of what anybody says. The problem is to make it up you need a running start, and when you’ve got negative resistance it makes it twice as hard!

There’s only one solution, ignore it.

Here’s my advice to you. Just keep reminding yourself “why” you’re doing what you do, keep the end in sight at all times. Read some good books about success, keep filling your mind with stories of successful people. Just like Vick said, There’s always gonna be critics. If you believe in yourself, if you believe in what you’re doing, that will translate to who really matters.

Keep pushing, keep reaching, keep moving. When you do that, you become unstoppable!

Don’t EVER forget, resistance builds muscle! Just allow the process to work itself out no matter how painful it is! If you’re relentless in your own pursuits and you don’t allow others to rent space in your head, you’re gonna make it! If you refuse to entertain failure, if you want success like you want your next breath, it’s inevitable.

The ones who are so quick to try and tear you down will one day learn their own lesson.

Will Smith once said;

“If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.”

I feel sorry for negative people to be real, I actually pity them. Not only are they missing out on the journey of a lifetime in my opinion, they’ll never know what it feels like to wake up one day to the sweet smell of success.

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