Embrace the Pain

10 Jun


Most of us see pain as something to avoid like the plague.  It’s as if the way to true fulfillment is to get as far away from it as possible.

I beg to differ.

Pain is your friend

When you think of pain, does it hurt?  Is it a topic you’d rather not talk about?  That’s how the majority of Americans see pain.  We’ve been conditioned that way by Hollywood, ad agencies, schools, politicians, many times even our own parents.

Pain is a good thing

Pain is a good thing.  It actually serves a purpose.  This world was designed in such a way as to “cause” pain for every living creature; but why would a loving “God” facilitate such an environment, or if you’re not religious, then why would the “Universe” be so cruel?

Pain let’s you know when something’s wrong and it also strengthens resolve, character, and stamina.  That to me sounds like a good friend rather than a sworn enemy.

With all of those awesome benefits of pain, isn’t it weird that we try to avoid it whenever and wherever possible? I’m not necessarily looking for it lol; but when we have to face it, why wouldn’t we use it for all it’s worth?


We’d rather be comfortable than free, we’d rather be at ease than at odds, we’d rather enjoy pleasure than learn how to effectively absorb our pain.

In short, we’re spoiled rotten.

I’ve never been outside of the country; but one thing I’m becoming painfully aware of the older I get is this . . . we’ve forgotten how to suffer.  I hope that soon we’ll begin to understand collectively, if you’ll pardon the phrase, the importance of using pain as a springboard for growth rather than a excuse for apathy.

When 9/11 happened for instance, we all came together like we hadn’t done since the eighties.  We volunteered, we prayed for each other, we donated and sacrificed, a lot of us even laid down our lives!

Think of all the good that came out of the intense pain we all felt!

So the next time you get annoyed, just ask yourself these questions, “Why am I getting upset?” and “What can I actually learn from this?”

Thanks for stopping in.

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