Joyetech Electronic Cigarettes – an honest review

10 Jun


Are Joyetech e-cigs really worth it? YES!

I spent a good 300-400 dollars trying out all the popular models you find in the grocery line, at the corner stores and at smoke shoppes. All of them left me disillusioned.

A friend of mine introduced me to the Joyetech series through a local Tennessee distributor called “Choice e-cigs”.

Joyetech is no joke

The main thrust of their sales is online but they’d set up at a local flea market booth so people could come try it for themselves before deciding to buy. I actually drove two hours from Murfreesboro to see this thing for myself and I’m glad I did!

It’s a “tank” model, unlike their counterparts who sell plastic cartridges with a little piece of paper or “filler” dipped in liquid, with these things you put the liquid directly into the reservoir. There are some cheap knock offs and copy cats but Joyetech takes the electronic cigarette business very seriously; just as seriously as they take their dealers.

Joyetech Electronic Cigarettes Vapers from all over the world are raving about these things. Joyetech listens carefully to consumer feedback, and work extra hard at remaining an industry leader.

There’s two basic models, the Joyetech Ego-t (tank) and the Joyetech 510-t (tank).

Joyetech Electronic Cigarettes

The Ego is the larger of the two listed for about $79.00. It’s more of a cigar than a cigarette but provides longer battery life and a much bigger vape than the 510.

The 510 is the more streamlined version, about $69.00. They both come with two batteries and two atomizers, 5 refillable cartridges and a battery charger.

They also come in a variety of colors!

Both of these genuine Joyetech models as well as many accessories can be purchased here

It’s also a great way to make an extra income!

Karden Distributing 1-800-738-0416

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