Learning how to listen, teaches you how to respond

10 Jun


Learning how to listen with intention, true engagement

Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody and felt yourself tuning out?  I used to struggle with it on a regular basis to be honest.  In fact, it still takes work on my part to pay attention in a way that is truly meaningful.  Learning how to listen has been a big challenge for me over the years, my wife could attest to that fact.  It hasn’t been on purpose; but active listening is something we could all get better at.

It’s weird but the older I get the more I hear myself saying that word, “meaningful”.  Let’s take a look at what it means.  Here’s how http://dictionary.com puts it




  1. Having meaning.
  2. Having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose.


significant – meaning – expressive – significative

Notice the synonyms, significant, meaning, expressive, significative

Let’s take a look at that last one.



1. Tending to signify or indicate; indicative.

2. Having meaning; significant.

If someone is engaging with you, to act as if it’s not meaningful dialog is essentially telling that person, “Hey what you’re saying really isn’t that important to me, hang on I’m thinking about something else”.


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