Why can’t I become wealthy?

10 Jun


The secret to becoming wealthy is in you

There’s an awful lot of hate surrounding the subject of getting rich.  Don’t believe me?

Read on.

If you were in a restaurant and somebody stood up and made the declaration, “I just wanted to say publicly that today I’ve resolved to start eating healthier, getting enough sleep, plenty of exercise and drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day”.  You might think it was a little strange at first; but you and everybody there would more than likely at least think to yourself, “Good call”.

Say someone else stood up and said, “I’ve decided to stop watching TV, I’ve been putting too much garbage in my mind lately.  I’m choosing, here and now, to begin reading more and listening to positive information instead of wasting my time sitting on the couch in front of the “boob tube””.

Again you may be thinking, “Okay this is a little weird but cool”.  Some people may even applaud.

Say another person stood up and declared, “I’m making an announcement as well, I’m gonna start spending more time with my family.  I’ve been working too many hours and I can see that it’s negatively affecting my children and my spouse so I’ve resolved to change my behavior from this day forward”.  By this time everybody there would probably be fully engaged and more than likely participating in applause.

Now, say with all of that support, enthusiasm and excitement someone else stood up and said, “This is great, what a wonderful evening this is turning out to be, I’ve made a decision as well!”  “Today my wife and I have decided to start thinking of ways to become rich, so that we won’t have to worry anymore about paying the bills, we can pay off the house, we can travel together wherever we want with whoever we want to go with for as long as we want.”  “Today I’m declaring financial freedom!”


You can almost hear their words drop on the floor, why do you think that is?

People are scared of money.  That’s why the average person doesn’t get wealthy.  Let’s take a step further and talk about free enterprise for a minute.

Say you owned a $60.00 Monteverde Arista 0.7 Fine Point pen that you bought at Office Depot and I offered you $500.00 for it?  You’d probably ask “why would you wanna pay that much for this pen?  I just bought it for $60.00 at Office Depot.”  Say I told you that I collected pens and that I’d been looking everywhere for that specific model but they were sold out.

Some people would say, “Here man you take the pen, I don’t want your money”  Some would say, “Just give me the $60.00 that I paid for it and it’s yours.”

What would you say?

The fact is, that stupid pen would be worth $500.00 to me otherwise I’d have never offered you the money.  Maybe I was trying to be fair because I knew it was gonna increase in value next week, maybe it would make my collection more valuable or appealing to me personally, maybe I just wanted to bless somebody.  Regardless it would be a fair exchange because I paid you what I wanted to pay you.

If You tried to get $500.00 for it from someone that really didn’t have that kind of money knowing that you only paid $60.00 you’d be trying to get rich “at the expense” of someone else.  That would be wrong; but if someone offered it to you, apparently it would be worth it to them.  You may even wanna say, “Give me your number and let me think about it”, then go home and do a bit of research to see what kind of pen you actually had lol.

Even the phrase “get rich” has negative connotations in our society; but if you ask anybody if they wanna be “financially independent” or if they would turn down a huge raise at work, what do you think they’d say?

Whatever you like, you have plenty of.  If you like art, you’ve got it in your home.  If you like cars, you’ve got cars.

I know this lady who loves to collect pigs, not real pigs lol; but she’s got pig rugs in her kitchen, pig figurines, pig towels, pig wallpaper, pots and pans, pig range covers, every kind of pig decoration you can think of, she’s probably got it.  My sister loves strawberries, my wife loves those french chefs, some people collect stamps lol.

The fact is, we don’t like money because for whatever reason we see it as evil; but we work our butts off to get as much of it as we can, kinda weird huh?

Our way of looking at money is twisted.  Most of us are actually pushing it away and trying to get it at the same time, it’s sort of like chasing two rabbits, you won’t end up with neither one you’ll just drive yourself nuts!  Are you starting to get the picture?

The bottom line is this, if you want to be rich, make friends with money.  Money is just a tool, like a gun, or a hammer.  It’s the “love” of money that is the root of “all kinds” of evil, not money itself.  The root of all evil, is pride.

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