Synopsis of the Subconscious

13 Jun


Give your plans some breathing room

When you finally decide to open up that business you’ve been talking about or go back to school for your degree, whatever, you need to get a running start, to create mental momentum. You’ve gotta get up ahead of your conscious mind. I know it sounds kind of crazy on the surface but hear me out.

Your brain is an amazing organ with multifaceted intent. There’s essentially three parts to it. The conscious mind, the subconscious and the unconscious mind. The conscious part is of course the one that you primarily use while you’re awake. It’s main function is to give you the ability to solve problems, formulate hypothesis and make choices, good or bad based on logic (perceived or otherwise) and rationale. The unconscious mind is systemic, physically speaking; in that it keeps your heart beating, it keeps your vital organs functioning, it causes you to pull your hand away from a hot surface so you don’t get burned, it doesn’t need your permission to do anything and it’s best to keep it that way.

You honestly don’t even need to think about it , it just does what it does.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind sits nestled in between these two. Even when you sleep, it’s still wide awake. In fact the more tired you are consciously, the more alert the subconscious actually becomes. It sort of has a mind of its own which is why we need to be careful about what we allow it to ingest. If you allow your subconscious mind to do the driving, you’ll never get anything out of this life but a world of hurt.

You need to beat it into submission, or it’ll manhandle you.

Christians describe it as the battle between the “spirit and the the flesh”. You know what you “want” to do, what you know you “should” do; but the power to do it just isn’t there. It’s why we believe that we all need a “Savior” in order to get to heaven. We’re terrible at living life at peak capacity, being “righteous” practically speaking. In fact when you do become a Christian it gets harder. It’s Gods way of showing us who’s boss. 😉

I’m not talking some pseudo spiritual type of “name it claim it” think yourself into the future gobbledygook. I’m just talking about a common sense approach to getting where you want to go, the fastest way possible.

Anyway back to my point lol.

If you want to get the maximum result in your personal pursuits, it’s best to visualize yourself where you’d like to be first, to “Be there before you’re there”. Take your subconscious mind and throw it out ahead of you, mentally. It’ll wait trust me, your mind likes closure. You may be like, “Okay this dude has lost it now”, keep reading. What you’re doing is creating a sort of loop, like when you’re watching something on TV and then just when it starts to get really interesting you see that dreaded, “To Be Continued”. Your subconscious mind wants closure, it searches for it.

It’s the part of your “schema” that advertisers (as well as and many politicians) aim for, it’s the part where they know if they can get a foothold, they can literally change your behavior over an extended period of time.

Yes, your mind is powerful, more powerful than you may realize, a terrible thing to waste. If you’d like to get the best possible results in your future endeavors, whatever that looks like to you, “Be there before you’re there” and you’ll get there . . . faster.

Thanks for stopping in.

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