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13 Jun


Stop Chasing People down!

I have a few personal convictions. Some of them are politically motivated, some of them are spiritual. At times I feel constrained to speak out and I will, most of the the time I just keep it to myself.

Some people may view that as compromise, I see it as giving people the freedom to think for themselves without my intruding into their personal lives.

In America we have the option to form our own opinions, we have the liberty to think for ourselves.

When I first started out hanging around social networks and forums, I saw it as a platform or a virtual soapbox. It gave us all, young and old, American or otherwise, the ability to speak about important issues, to people all over the world that we may or may not otherwise meet in person.

It was empowering!

Well, once the dust settled and everybody got comfortable, the dynamics changed. People that frequent sites like Facebook nowadays for instance, typically connect with others who are like minded and already have their own message so you’re basically just preaching to the choir if you know what I mean. Unless you reach out to people with differing viewpoints you’re just a little fish in a big pond, it’s not much of a “platform” anymore. In fact if you do attempt to “reach across” the pond to those with differing political or spiritual perspectives you’re more than likely just gonna get chased away.

As such I try to steer clear of negative discussion; but for the sake of example, the other day I had a Facebook meltdown. The Pentagon decided it was inappropriate for our military to read conservative books in uniform, you wanna talk about pissed? I won’t go into much of anything else you can look it up if you’d like; but it sent me reeling!

Guess what? It didn’t do a damn thing but make me feel better for about 30 minutes. I got a few likes, connected with several people who understood my frustration but did it make any real difference? Did it prompt change in Federal policy? Hardly. What it did do is reveal my own negative frustrations. I left the post, it is what it is; but it didn’t help one iota.

If you’re passionate about something don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind, just don’t do it on a regular basis if you’re an attraction marketer.

One more thing, possibly the most important thing of all.

If you’re trying to chase potential prospects or clients rather than just allowing your own confidence in the product/service/training you have to offer, you won’t do anything but push people away. In fact the more you chase them, the further they’ll run (trust me on this). No matter how awesome of a salesman you think you are you’ll just end up frustrated.

Imagine a butterfly resting comfortably, sucking the delicious nectar from the tender bulb of a flower in bloom. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it’s so happy just sitting there absorbing the nutrients it came to enjoy.

Then here you come running after it with a bucket full of nectar in one hand, clutching a net in the other trying to convince it to get in. That thing would take off faster than you could blink! It would see you coming a mile away!

Now imagine the same butterfly, same beautiful scene and you, sneaking up trying to grab it by it’s wings. It would sit there for a little while, taking in as much of that sweet, tasty nectar it could, watching you out of the corner of it’ just waiting to see what you were gonna do. You may trick it into trusting you just long enough for you to grab it; but it’s doubtful.

If you did get it, the only thing on it’s mind would be trying to escape.

That’s not how sales is done.

Thanks for stopping in.

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