The State of Being Wealthy

13 Jun


Being wealthy is more than being rich

The reason America is in such a mess has nothing to do with the political spectrum. No one political group can take your freedom away, at least not here. The fact is, we’ve been conditioned to be exactly what we’ve become. We’re all about freedom, as long as it’s comfortable.

We’re all inundated with information at every turn. Television, the internet, Hollywood, Books, Magazines, all of it; is aimed at a twelve year old mentality. Even colleges smack of it. You might feel important because you’re attending; but the ultimate goal is to beat you into mental submission and stuff you into a giant sales funnel.

Think about how a twelve year old acts. It’s that awkward stage of not being a “little kid” but not quite a teenager. It’s an emotional roller coaster at best, lots of jealousy and selfish behavior. I’d never wanna go back there, it was the most awkward time in my life. At that age we’re also extremely impressionable and emotional. The decisions that we make are based on how we feel. Acceptance is the most important factor in our lives.

Now look around at our culture.wealthy

You don’t have to necessarily be wealthy to be spoiled, you just need to get your way all the time.

Why are so many failing at life in this country? Is it because of fatherlessness? Evolution? Maybe the scourge of abortion? Is it because they took prayer out of school? Is it because of Democrats? Republicans? Conservatives? Liberals? Libertarians?


All of the problems we face can be traced right back to one thing; the person you see in the mirror every day. We need to stop blaming other things outside of ourselves for the mess we’re in. No politician is gonna solve all these problems, it’s up to us to put this country back on course.

We’ve been conditioned to be a certain type of consumer. Our founders never intended for any of this to happen. In fact they warned us that if we did get to this point, there may not be a way back. Governmental policy has now replaced the Constitution.

wealthySo enough of that, my point is this. There’s a higher level of thinking, another way to view the world around us. We need to start acting like we’re already rich. In all honesty no matter your state, if you live in America, you are.

Even scripture speaks to this issue. The old testament saints knew the importance of thinking this way, it talks a lot about wealth.

When they would begin to pine away spiritually with a scarcity mentality they would encourage themselves with verses like this (speaking of God).

Psalm 50:10 ESV “For every beast of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.”

Having the right mindset is critical to living a meaningful life. Your smart phone for instance, just 50 years ago, to have that type of capacity would take a huge room FULL of equipment to create. Yet we complain about stupid little stuff, anything that makes us uncomfortable, just like a twelve year old.

We need to grow up and move out.

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