Music to Boost yer Groove

15 Jun


Excellence on display

These Tunnelrats are crazy quintoribulated (yeah i made it up but it ranked lol), mad ill tactics on display, mixin it up like they were born to win, together. Some of my all time personal favorites like New Breed, Shames worthy (AKA Raphi) and Sev Statik (to name a few).

They’ve also locked arms in the past with dudes like Braille Brizzy from Humble Beast, Playdough, the best kept secret, Mars Ill and the Beat Rabbi from Deepspace 5 . . . it just doesn’t stop, kinda like a wormhole. You can’t help but go deep into the panoramic portal they’ve created once you get started. This dastardly diatribe of denominatorians have solidified their place in my schema, as a top tier hip hop smorgasbord.

I’m oldschool..can’t help it, at least they’re wearing pants.

“Good things come to those who wait; but they get what’s left over from those who hustle.”

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