What is Network Marketing?

27 Jun


Network marketing, explained

First of all, it’s important to understand that network marketing is like any other type of business. The only difference is that it’s people networking with people, face to face, rather than trying to reach them through traditional advertising techniques.

Is Network Marketing MLM?

MLM or Multi-level-marketing is a type of network marketing, there’s nothing wrong with it per say; but it can be a real challenge. The pay structure is multi-tiered as are many types of network marketing companies and it’s possible to make a pretty good living selling products on the front end; but the big bucks for most people start to roll in when others sign up as company representatives or “affiliates”. The problem with the vast majority of them in my opinion is that you have to hold people by the hand and teach them the ropes until they can do it effectively on their own, it’s very time consuming.

You give them motivational audios and training videos to listen to and watch on their own and make yourself available for questions, that’s fine even expected; but that’s just the beginning. There’s all the phone calls to potential prospects, the three way sales closings, trying to get them to meetings, to change up their style of dress, keeping them excited, it’s never ending . . . not much freedom.

It’s a lot of work but again, it’s possible to make a living at it, lots of people do. Regardless, the idea (no matter what type of network marketing you choose to get involved with) is to work consistently, work effectively, and teach your people how to duplicate your efforts.

It takes the heart of a champion.

Isn’t it just the top people who earn money in network marketing?

Well, like I said in the opening paragraph, network marketing is no different than any other business. Whether it’s Walmart, Sears, or AT&T it’s always that way. There’s nothing wrong with the top leaders getting paid for the work of others. That’s how free enterprise works. The thing to take note of is that in network marketing you can make even more than they do, depending on your efforts. If you do a little, you’ll make a little, if you do more, you’ll make a part time income, if you do a lot, you create wealth.

You get paid in direct proportion to your efforts.

Network marketingMany people get discouraged before they really even get started and quit. Then they blame the company for their failure. People like that won’t typically take responsibility for much of anything in their life, it sounds harsh but it’s the cold hard truth.

There are some companies that have a niche market, like AVON for instance that are in competition with larger corporations with huge advertising budgets. That makes it harder unless you have a lot of time money to invest in advertising yourself and aren’t afraid to talk to people. However there again, lots of meetings, new product lines, talking to friends and family etc.

Can you recommend a good network marketing company?

I’m glad you asked. 🙂

The Empower Network is the most out-of-the-box network marketing company I’ve ever come across. The array of leadership, the training, the comp plan, the team culture and support is unbelievable!

Typically with other network marketing companies you make a modest commission of 5-20% on each sale which amounts to a few dollars. To make enough money to quit your job and enjoy the freedom that we experience here you’d need at least 5,000 people on your list! We get paid 100% commission which makes it a LOT easier to get off the ground.

We’re only a year and a half old and we’ve already paid out $60,000,000 dollars in commissions!

What we do is sell cutting edge training acting as college recruiters; but we get the majority of the tuition. Marketing is a tricky business, online marketing is even trickier and the rules change all the time. There are a lot of so-called “gurus” out there that claim to have some push button program that promises to bring in all the traffic for you . . . hogwash. Google changes the rules all the time and so do social media sites like Facebook. In fact we were doing so well last year, that our affiliates were putting ads up everywhere, Facebook was flooded and we got slapped. We actually had to recreate our system but it didn’t take much. Then Google sent Panda out it also caused a lot of internal problems; but we’re still here.

The bottom line is, we’re the highest paying, most successful network marketing company on the planet! We have leaders from many other companies getting involved here. Our founders Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe are among the top 10 highest paid on the the planet!

Here’s Dave to tell you a little more;

“Good things come to those who wait; but they get what’s left over from those who hustle.”

-Tracey Walker

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