How to drive targeted traffic to your website with twitter

27 Jun


Tweeting yourself to success (move over Facebook)

I used to tweet about this or that; but I really never saw much value in one liner style marketing. I liked Facebook better, it gives you more options and it it’s SO user friendly, or so I thought. They pull strings behind the scenes that I wasn’t really aware of up until the past year or so; but it is what it is and I still wasn’t too pleased with the Twitter format and actually thought they’d have faded out by now.

Well the more I hang around there the more I’m beginning to realize how truly functional it is. It’s much more of an asset to me than I’d thought, if you know what you’re doing.

I really was pretty clueless initially, I guess most of us probably were at some point. As marketers we’re used to formulating catchy headline, listing the benefits, dropping our link and a signature but it’s not easy fitting all of that in 140 characters.

Tweeting your way to success

There’s a science to getting as much content in a tweet as possible. It actually makes you a better writer if you can master the skill. If brevity is the soul of wit, then twitter’s got it on lock.

Twitter is where I get my news too. If I wanna find out the status of a ballgame, the latest trends, the weather, whatever all I do is hit the search bar and bang, I’ve got feed. When Osama was killed, something like 83% of people said they heard it first on Twitter, that’s powerful.

People are beginning to use Twitter a lot more than they used to.

Aside from the phenomosity of the news-feed capabilities the main reasons I’ve been hanging around are business related; to help me build my brand, to network and most importantly, to drive traffic. Sometimes I’ll use it to get traffic to my Facebook Fan Page where I may have some free offer, sometimes I’ll use it to drive traffic to my blog. Either way it’s fast becoming the place to go for an enormous amount of targeted visitors.

Twitter Facebook Traffic

Use leveraging to your advantage.

As you start to formulate a plan, be sure to test posts on Facebook first to see if they’ll actually convert. Once you start getting enough likes and shares with a particular offer or campaign it’s time to go to work.

One thing about Twitter is that it moves so fast, it gives you the ability to make multiple posts a day without clogging up your page like with Facebook. The average post time is like every thirty seconds, so things move along pretty quickly. The trick is to reword it, because they frown on posting the same tweet within a 24 hour period; but that’s okay because you’re gonna get better and better at writing and it gives you the added ability to test the wording in your tweets as you perfect your technique.

Monitor it in blocks of time, that way you know what’s working and what’s not. It’s possible to run two or three campaigns at a time, just spread them out.

Twitter Blog Traffic

If you’re in this game you know that blogging is an integral part of the process and hopefully you’ve created lots of quality content. If you have than this is another area that can be a HUGE source for targeted traffic.

I’ve got nearly two hundred blog posts. Some of them are timing related, some are old news, not much value in those. Others are relevant no matter what time of year it is..they’re what’s called “evergreen content”. You may have some where only a small editing adjustment is needed!

If you have lots of it, you can post every hour of every day. If you have tons and tons of content you can do it every 15 minutes if you’d like. If you don’t have much at all you’ll need to spread it out a bit. The wording rule still applies regardless; but the more you have the better. Cycle through all of it and when you’re all done, if you haven’t created new content (which I would definitely recommend), start over!

This is literally rinse and repeat!

One more very important thing, when you post your tweets, always use #hashtags within the body of the text, it helps with search capabilities. If you can put it in the #title, that’s even better!

What not to do

There’s a few things to keep in mind as you begin this new way to do business. First, don’t just be a broadcaster. In other words, if someone is engaging with you, do your best to respond. After all this is social media. If your list of followers gets so big that you can’t physically respond to everyone, get creative. Secondly, always offer value. Don’t just point to sales pages, give them something they can use, for free. Show them that when they click on your links, it will benefit them somehow, build relationships. Third, offer visuals as well. People today are becoming more and more aesthetic as time goes by. Many tests have been done in this area, it’s just where things are going.

I hope this has been beneficial to you, good luck. 🙂

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