Is Video Genesis a Scam?

27 Jun


Out here in the marketing world, innovation and good old fashioned ingenuity are critical components to a campaign, enter Video Genesis, a product by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime set to launch July 8th

Today, video marketing is hot, hot, hot! People wanna see you, they wanna have a conversation, interaction; but it’s not that easy getting in front of a camera.

I’ve performed on stage, and I have no problem talking to people, in fact I’m pretty comfortable doing it. Speaking to a camera is a different beast.

There’s no audience interaction you’ve gotta get creative, even laugh at your own jokes, and once it’s “on film” and uploaded to YouTube it’s there for the whole world to see, forever lol.

Video Genesis Review

I guess the Video Genesis concept is okay and the timing is definitely pretty good; but there are other options. If they had it as part of a bigger package, it would be more attractive.

Another thing I notice is they talk about 100% commissions. Is it really? Here’s the statement I read on their pre-launch page.

“Our Affiliate Program is 100% Commission of the first $97 on every sale”

Kinda deceptive in my opinion.

Since it’s not out yet, I can’t really speak too much about it; but coming right outta the gate, I’m not that impressed.

Video Genesis Exegeted

Regardless of your skill level, it’s gonna take time getting comfortable in front of the camera, you learn that through experience, by getting started..not from a program.

We train in all aspects of video marketing as an added bonus, not as a seperate product.

We’re marketers that love people, a leadership factory disguised as a business and personal development training center, offering value..real value. And we pay out an actual 100% commissions instead of giving you a little something for your time and independently leaning on the upsell to line our pockets like most companies, Video Genesis included.

All the money that is available here goes right to you, upwards of $4500.00 per sale!

Your list matters to us, your business is our business.

Bottom line?

It’s probably gonna hold value for some people who are just getting started doing video; but not so much for affiliates looking to make healthy commissions.

To recruit people in network marketing companies you need to have the right tools, the right mentors and most importantly, the right idea.

I see all kinds of marketers out here flailing around and frustrated trying to get results.

The results they will see, if any, will be tiny compared to ours because of one thing..perspective.

So what are you waiting for?

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