Another hip hop sabbatical

27 Jun


Keepin it real is how we do

My deepspace mind is always on the lookout for ear candy. It’s part of my makeup, deciphering heat is my MO. I really don’t have much time for mediocrity no matter what time it is.

Heat seeking is a full time gig in and of itself.

My flavor is that eastcoast phenominositorial; but if you’ been payin attention you already know that. It’s not what you hear on the radio, some may call it underground..I call it flavorishish (I’m about to rank for that word lol).

I appreciate the effort of some emcees; but I can’t put it on blast unless they understand the elemental principles.

Another thing I look for is official videos, unfortunately its just not an option all the time; but it’s all good. As long as it’s available, I’m usually on it.

There’s some artists from the dirrty section that I can’t help but bark about. Derek is one of ’em. He’s got a loooong history of collaboration and manic raps. 90% of what he does is absolutely authentikated, I can’t help but display his verocitorical melody. Look him up and see for yourself.

Like I said, keepin it real is what we do..jussayin.

Hip hop is more than radio play, it’s a lifestyle, it’s about stories, experiences, organic tapestry..don’t get it twisted. Thanks for your time, have a good one.

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