Everything depends on perception

27 Jun


Boldness obliterates obstacles

As your navigating through the marketing maze, there’s an important word to keep in mind that will either greatly increase your odds of becoming successful or doom you to failure coming out of the gate. It may seem kinda simple on the surface, but believe me it’s not. There are a lot of people trying to “keep it real” that don’t know the first thing about the term.

Human nature is such that if you’re not thinking objectively about this subject, you’ll get run over.

What I’m talking about is perception.

Your perception of yourself and your circumstances is what keeps you plowing through the obstacles that will inevitably pop up in front of you. Your prospects perception of you is what will either drive them to you, or drive them away.

If you perceive the obstacles as mountains to climb, it’ll drain your strength and desire. If your target market perceives you as timid, weak and desperate, they’ll run to get away from you. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable to be around people like that.

People are drawn to strength, “perceived” or otherwise. Having an attitude of boldness and audacity will take you a lot farther than trying to get people to like you by avoiding conflict. I’m not talking about being overtly rude, all that does is compound the problem. I mean not being afraid speak your mind about an issue, not being fearful to confront conflict head on!

There’s a lot of folks out there who think that being overtly nice is a professional strength, it can be considered one and usually is, depending on the motive. It can also be perceived as being passive aggressive.

Respect, having consideration for someone else’s feelings or opinions is definitely a quality that is appreciated by most; but if it’s because of a deep seated fear of reprisal or a possibly fist fight, it translates to others who have no such fear. It’s the reason people get bullied.

I mentioned obstacles and mountains to climb, this is also a place most people just aren’t skilled at. When you were a little baby, you had to learn how to walk, how to talk and how to eat. As you got a little older you started getting comfortable talking about concepts, you started to realize you could communicate without even thinking about it! Then you started school. You had to figure out your place in the hierarchy of the social stratosphere, who to hangout with on the playground, who to steer clear of, what kind of girls thought you were cute etc. then came the hard part, learning how to write. I don’t know you; but I’m betting you graduated kindergarten, maybe even got through to the fifth grade! Amazing right? 😉

Obstacles can either be roadblocks or opportunities. If there’s an obstacle in your way, you have one of two choices. Pack up your toys, turn around and go home or speak to it boldly. If you see it as an opportunity to shine, as a way to harness energy, you’re chances or getting through it are increased exponentially.


If you’re a fearful person, you have untapped potential you’re probably not aware of because you’ve kept it on tap. You’d be surprised what you’re capable of.

Let go of the past, cut loose the baggage of fear. Do something physical to represent your new decision. Get a pencil and a piece of paper, write out all your fears, go get a six pack of beer (even if you don’t drink), go out back and light a small fire. Read your list of fears out loud to yourself. As you say each one, mentally speak to your subconscious that you are the one that is in control not him (or her). When you’re done toss the list in the fire and watch it burn, even the embers, until the light is gone.

Now get up, mess up your hair, if you’re in a suit, loosen your tie, untuck your shirt, get a big handful of dirt (make sure it gets underneath your fingernails) and throw it on the fire.

Now go take a nice long, hot shower . . . you deserve it. If you have some beer left, give me a shout. 😉

Everything depends on perception

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