Programmatic Potential and Algorithms

27 Jun


Why it’s important to embrace change

Things are moving so fast in our world today, it’s hard to keep up; but if you’re a marketer or a business person, it’s an essential element to success.

The rise and fall of the giant

The days of the PC are nearly a distant memory, people like mobile. The standard desktop is still part of the equation within office settings, for now, however soon it will fade away into oblivion.

Technology is like that; but it certainly doesn’t stop there.

The internet itself is headed for some sweeping changes, social media isn’t going anywhere. When MySpace first appeared on the scene, everybody rushed to it, hoping it would provide a platform that would give them the ability to virtually sweep in traffic to their respective websites. It did good for a little while, then flopped.

There was so much commercialization and clutter it became more of an ugly nuisance. A lot of times it took forever to pages to load, their decency standards dropped to new lows, Their reputation began to sink and kept going until they became nothing more than another Bandcamp, a place for artists to drop their music, not much of a social network.

Facebook provided more options and was much cleaner, so they started to dominate the market and the rest, as they say, is history.

Comfort drives behavior

We don’t adapt to change real well and once we’ve gotten used to something that provides us with value, we’re hard-pressed to deviate. That’s why Facebook has become such a dominator. We all have our own social networks and historys there. It also gives us the ability to connect with each other in ways never dreamed possible in the past.

It’s more than a forum, it’s more than a social site, it’s Facebook.

Twitter has it’s purpose for blasting out short messages; but Facebook is the place to be. If you’re looking for friends and family members, trying to connect with co-workers or to prospect; most everybody is there, it’s become a friggin icon!

It’s not going anywhere.

The shift to programmatic buying habits

In the very near future the dynamic of what the internet itself represents will be obsolete. It’s kind of a scary thought I know; but it is what it is and you need to be prepared for what’s coming. Staying focused on testing and analytics will get more and more important as time goes by.

The traditional marketing techniques aren’t gonna to produce the results they used to. You’ll need to be real good at finding the right kind of talent to perform specialized tasks, people with specific experience in various skills within the realm of social media, video marketing, psychology and predicting behavior etc.

There are 1.7 billion connected mobile devices for instance. The shift isn’t going to happen, it’s not happening . . . it’s already happened. Like I said, things are moving so fast it’s hard to keep up, and I meant it.

If you’re just paying attention to projected trends from traditional outlets, people that aren’t standing directly on top of modern cutting edge business practices, you’ll be left behind I promise.

Utility based marketing

Another changing dynamic is “utility based marketing”. It’s going to the toy store, wondering what’s in the Lego box, being able to hold it up to a unit that shows you not only what’s in the box; but what can be built and how. It’s Charmin bath tissue creating an app that not only gives you access to coupons but shows you where the nearest clean bathroom is, giving you the ability to rate and review toilets for other people. It’s like 3d interactive direct sales and marketing within the framework of social network utility management and gamification (whew!).

The bottom line is this. Doing business the old fashioned way, is dead. Doing business tProgrammatic Potential and Algorithmshe way it’s been done for the past 7 years is, dead. Doing business the way it was done just a year ago is nearly, dead.

Staying on top of existing technology is not only essential to the future of your business, it’s a critical component to your survival, now.

Good things come to those who wait; but they get what’s left over from those who hustle.”

-Tracey Walker

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