The Road to Success is Paved With Humility

27 Jun


The road to success is paved with humility

Ever since the dawn of time this has been a no-brainer; but for some reason many of us still get it wrong. If you’re a people pleaser, somebody who thinks that hard work and kissing your bosses butt is what attracts success, it’s a good idea to keep this concept in mind.

Whether you’re trying to get a business off the ground, some vision that has you captivated or just to move forward in your company, humility will take you a lot farther than confidence will, in most settings.

The road to success is paved with humilityIf you’re trying to make a good showing in front of the boss, you’ll probably never move forward no matter how hard you try. You’ll usually just end up frustrated, disillusioned and wondering, “How come I’m not getting the recognition I deserve?”

Humility wins..every time

If you really wanna impress your boss, make sure you don’t make him or her look bad in the process. Management appreciates your efforts, they really do. However if you outshine them it’s not gonna help anybody, especially you.The road to success is paved with humility

Give them the credit for your efforts, after all, they are ultimately responsible for the outcome not you; have a heart of humility. Praise them whenever you get the chance in front of the team! Make them look good whenever possible. It’s not about brown nosing, it’s about giving them an appropriate amount of praise, enough to encourage your fellow associates to be grateful and to work at full capacity. Act like a leader, and you’ll more than likely be seen as one.

Just don’t overdo it

You may decide to get everybody together to throw a party in their honor just to show how much you appreciate them; but even that could prove deadly. It actually may even cause them to resent you. They have a specific role to play. It could be perceived as you trying to be the center of attention, reserve that spot for them. It’ll go a long way in job security lol.

Bosses love to be respected

When you’re in the role of manager, you have to deal with twice as much as the average subordinate. You’re the one that the second and third tier managers look to to solve a problem before it gets to their desk, it’s why they promoted you; they have enough to worry about.

When you move up in a company, it doesn’t get easier, that’s a common misconception. You’re actually taking on more responsibility, that’s why you get the added flexibility and the pay raise. People see their managers as a soft target, the one who’s “graduated” and doesn’t need to work as hard anymore. Ha! If that’s your perception, you don’t belong in leadership lol.

“Good things come to those who wait; but they get what’s left over from those who hustle.”

-Tracey Walker

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