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29 Jun


Over 150,000 people agree…

“How To Get Buckets Of Hands Free Traffic And Explode Your Sales In ANY PROGRAM Faster Than A Jack Rabbit On Viagra…”

“Use this time tested, paint by numbers system for ANY of your own products, affiliate products, and home based businesses — Then watch your profits skyrocket…”

Dear friend,

Hold tight…

Because you’re about to be given an incredibly rare opportunity.Jelly-Bean-Factory-the-owl-barn-gift-collection

One that could catapult you into the six-figure bracket very quickly. And the most amazing thing is… you won’t have to bust your butt or sell your soul to make it happen.

But if your mind starts to wander, or you click away by mistake, you face missing out forever – so pay attention to every single word on this page.

Here’s how this works…

Right now, I use a blog system that sucks up cash for me 24 hours a day in ANY program I’m involved with. I didn’t really think that I could Get paid to blog!

No kidding. While everyone else is chasing people around their local grocery store, handing out business cards, and “prospecting” on good ‘ole Facebook…

…I’m at the beach. Or hanging out with my wife. Or walking through the mountains of Costa Rica

…and the sales keep rolling in. All day long. And all night long.

And like I said, this easy to use system works for ANYTHING I feel like promoting.

“Two homeless dudes walk into a box…”

Yeah yeah yeah, I know… Here’s the sob story about living in a cardboard box and eating rat turds before the Fairy Godmother gave me a check for a billion dollars.

Well it wasn’t quite like that, but this is 100% true…

Hi, I’m Dave Wood, and I’m here with my business partner Dave Sharpe.

Back a few years ago we didn’t know each other, but we were both trying to promote various home based business opportunities… and failing miserably.

My wife and I were living in my van in Hawaii. To make matters worse, I just got fired from Greenpeace, and then, believe it or not, one day a cop woke me up in the middle of the night and gave me a ticket for being homeless, and I paid it with the last few dollars to my name.

Dave Sharpe wasn’t doing very well either. He had just finished battling almost a decade of severe addiction and was couch surfing at his dad’s apartment.

By day he was sweating his butt off in the hot Florida sun on construction sites, and by night he was doing the best he could to build an online business.

But what he was doing wasn’t working out to well…

He was cold calling leads, making an ass of himself on social networks, and was quickly turning into that awkward guy who was always handing out business cards to his friends and family, pitching them on his “new opportunity”.

Anyhow, even though we hadn’t met, we had the same challenges. You could also say we had MAJOR motivation.


We were both busting our butts to make money and get out of our situations. We were taking massive action. We were slowly making progress, at least enough to get the basics like food and shelter.

But we weren’t making the kind of BIG money we wanted because…
“We were doing everything bass ackwards…”

Look, there’s something you have with us in common. I bet you’ve got a great opportunity, story, or expertise to share with the world, but your sales and your ability to reach more people is dismal at best.

Even though in your “opportunity” when you signed up you kept hearing all the “glory stories” from their top people about making a bazillion dollars a month.

You try your best, you do what they say, but nothing.. nada, zilch, zero.


Because you’re using the same worn out methods that don’t work like every other “Me too” wannabe marketer and business owner out there.

And if you’ve attempted to take your business online – you’ve probably gotten stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with all the the technical jargon you need to know and all the set-up you need to do to even get started!

You know, like trying to get nameservers pointed, hosting set up, sites built, FTP, bandwidth issues, learning cPanel, creating MySQL databases, installing themes and plugins… the list goes on.

Plus, even if you get past the technical hurdles…

“There’s a very good chance your company’s
sales funnel SUCKS…”

That’s a harsh reality these days. Most home business companies (and even most brick and mortar businesses) either have NO online presence… or a crappy one at best.

They still operate in the “Dark ages” telling you the “Three foot rule”, or to bug your family and friends. I don’t know about you, but that’s the best way to “Alienate people and lose your friends” fast.

In fact, when I got started my friends would run for cover anytime they saw me coming!

The bigger issue…

Even if the company you’re representing does have an online presence, you’re using the same stuff as all the other affiliates. You’re not standing out above the noise. And you know how crowded the market can be.

PLUS, let’s be honest… Most of the cookie cutter corporate sales pages I see out there flat out SUCK. They couldn’t sell their way out of a wet paper bag.

Seriously, their pages have the most BORING… NON-CONVERTING offers I’ve ever seen. That’s because these companies are still in the stone age when it comes to online marketing.

Trust me, I know. I’ve made mad money selling great products, but I had to change the whole conversion funnel to my own specs to make it work.

You really need to stand out. You have to be unique. And you have to use PROVEN methods that get traffic and leads… and then turn those leads into BUYERS.

“Here’s the secret that made me my
first million online…”

Today, people want content. The want to be able to trust you. They want to either know that they are buying from someone who knows what they are talking about (and proves it by publishing content on a blog or website)…

Or they want to buy from someone who is entertaining, and that they like.

I realized this early on, and while everyone else ran around “pitching” – I started creating valuable content.

I actually set-up a blog (even though it ended up costing me thousands to finally get it the way I wanted it). And on that blog, I wrote articles, reviews, and shared my thoughts, ideas, and the little value I had to offer at that time.

And do you know what? Even though I wasn’t a “guru”, and I didn’t have all the answers, people started coming back to read my posts, and they subscribed to my email marketing list (so I could follow up with them and sell them stuff)…

…and eventually, something magical happened…

“I started to outproduce everyone around me!”

Little ole me. The ex-homeless ‘van man’. Out producing everyone around me, even the guys on the phone all day (I actually didn’t have a phone then, and still don’t have a phone to this day).

After 3 months of using this strategy… I had my first $30,000.00 month!

My secret: create unique content on my blog that intrigued online “prospects” and built relationships with them, automatically, without ever picking up the phone.

And do you know how much it costs me to start making sales hand over first? Well, I did pay thousands of dollars to get my damn blog set-up and working how I wanted it to work – but as far as advertising – I paid NOTHING. All free marketing.

Because I figured out the traffic I generated to my blog was a higher quality than any other traffic online. So I never even bothered with paid advertising. Especially after they had watched my videos, read my articles, and started know, like and trust me.

Over the next 2 years I become the number one recruiter in 4 companies. I earned tens-of-thousands of dollars a month, and I ended up moving to Costa Rica to live on the beach, drink out of coconuts, and sink my toes into the hot sand.

“And now, as one of the most well respected, successful, and most followed marketers on
earth – If I could give you one piece
of advice, it would be this…”

You have to have your own blog. Not only that, you have to have it OPTIMIZED to get hoards of traffic AND to make insane amounts of sales.

Because you can get all the traffic in the world, but if you’re not converting visitors into buyers… you’re HOSED. Game over.

There’s still a major problem…

It’s easier said than done. Everyone these days seems to be on a blog bandwagon. They all say how “Easy” it is to get set up and running…

That’s a bunch of BULL CRAP.

Look, I’m no PhD. But I also didn’t just fall off the stupid truck either.

When I got started I knew I had to stand out more. I knew I didn’t want to chase people. It’s all about people chasing you and throwing money at you.

So I decided to start a blog…

PFFFF… What a fricken NIGHTMARE!

No joke, it took me countless hours a day staring at my computer, many sleepless nights, and a total of SIX MONTHS just to figure out the formula. (Hell, I actually know one person that took TWO YEARS to get set up)

And like I said before, thousands in programming, designs and improvements to get it working right.

PLUS, it took another six months to get traffic rolling in and become an authority.

BUT, once I nailed it… I became the top distributor in four different companies.

Look, you don’t want to spend a minimum of six months just to get set up… do you?

You don’t want to wait another six months like I did to start getting traffic and become an authority… do you?

You want your money, and you want it NOW… right? (Just like those corny TV commercials)

Well, here’s how…

“The Secret To Making Anything You
Touch Turn Into Gold…”

What if you could take all my mistakes. And all my past failures. And all my wasted money and time…

…and PROFIT from it.

Imagine for a second, you posting on your first blog 5 minutes from now, and then your first visitor landing on your page, reading about your product or business – and pulling out their credit card and buying.

Imagine people coming to your blog, and giving you their email address so you can send them email promos to buy products, or join your business.

Imagine building a list of leads that is so big, you can send out ONE email and make $1,000 … $2,000 … or even $5,000!

It’s possible. People are doing it right now. The questions is…

“So how can I get set-up with my own blog and
start making money ASAP?”

I’m glad you asked (it’s a smart question to ask right now).

Get paid to blog – step by step instructions

Let me introduce to you…

“The Empower Network Viral Blogging System”

Get paid to blog

Have you ever heard the saying “Some people can trip in shit and turn it into gold“?

That’s what this viral blog platform can do for you.


 You don’t have to spend countless hours trying to figure out the geek speak…

You don’t have to buy a domain name…

You don’t have to know how to point your DNS…

You don’t have to get expensive high speed hosting…

You don’t have to FTP a damn thing…

You don’t have to pay a designer thousands for a kick ass, high converting theme…

You don’t have to pay a programmer to code everything and solve problems as they come up…

You don’t have to set up a MySQL database…

You don’t have to learn how to use cPanel…

You don’t have to do any complicated installs…

In fact, all you do is pick a theme, add your autoresponder to build your list if you want, place a banner ad or two, and start blogging. That’s it. All the geeky crap is taken care of.

We’re talking stuff so simple you’ll feel like a fourth grader cheating on a math test. If you can color inside the lines, you’re good to go.

Get paid to blog

No headaches. No worries. No frustration.
You can literally be set-up and blogging within the next 3 minutes

Listen, one way or the other this work needs to be done. That is if you really want to have a snowballs chance in hell to start seeing $10,000.00 a day paydays like we do.

So the only question is… are you going to spend a year doing a bunch of grunt work and spend a fortune in the process?


Are you going to do what over 150,000 SMART marketers do and let us do the hard part for you?

“The Real Secrets To Making Gobs Of Cash In ANY Home Business Or Affiliate Program…”

Check this out… Having your blog set up and ready to rock is only half of the puzzle. (Even though that’s the part most people never get past)

Now that you’ve gotten past the hard part, you still need to know what to do with it to make maximum money.

So we’re also giving you…

“The Eight Core Commitments” Fast Start Training…

This is truly revolutionizing the industry. You’ll discover the secrets Dave Sharpe and I used to go from homeless and broke… to becoming online millionaires in less than two years.

This is the kind of training no networking or affiliate company teaches. In fact it goes against all the crap they tell you to do…

You won’t be cold calling leads that get pissed off at you…

You won’t be chasing friends and family who think you’ve lost your marbles…

You won’t be hitting up strangers at Wal-Mart…

You won’t be sticking tacky flyers on car windshields…

You won’t be “tricking” people into coming to “Pitch parties”…

And you won’t be doing all the other crazy stuff that causes most people to drop out and fail…

Nope, the only thing you’ll be doing is letting people track you down and beg you to take their money!

Listen, I did all that crazy stuff before… and IT SUCKED! Talk about massive rejection…

If I hadn’t figured out a way to do it without talking to a soul I would have probably dropped out too…

But once I discovered these simple secrets, my whole life turned around.

I can honestly say without any shadow of a doubt… If you do exactly what we show you in these eight videos, your life will change for good.

And the best part is, this ain’t rocket science. Seriously, it’s so easy a sixth grader could do it.

I know from my own experience, it’s one thing to read about all this stuff… but it’s another entirely to do it… and crucially, to KNOW it works.

You’ll know without question that following these eight steps is as simple as falling off a log.

Once you do these 8 steps, you’ll bust through the final barrier holding you back.
Here’s a taste of what’s inside…

Module One- This is the starting point to becoming the heavy hitter you deserve to be. You’ll discover how just ONE secret… ONE simple shift in the way you do things will transform your life almost instantly. I know, because this was the tipping point for me.

Module Two- To become wealthy, this step is an absolute MUST. I do it, my partner Dave does it, and everyone we know who’s successful does it. The best part is it only takes a few minutes a day and it’s as easy as getting wet in the rain.

Module Three- This picks up where module 2 left off. You’ll discover how to take what you did in module two, add a little “Special sauce”, and put your business into hyper-drive doing this ONE thing.

Module Four- Here you’ll discover how to make the most money possible from all your new leads. It’s kind of like a “Jedi Mind Trick” (Ethical of course) that causes you prospects to eagerly give you more money, and thank you for it.

Module Five- This one is easy… but don’t think for a minute that just because it’s so simple you can skip it. It’s one little thing to do each week that can make all the difference in the world to your business.

Module Six- This is better than taking your vitamin in the morning. It’s a once a day ritual you can do at any time (I prefer morning to start the day out right), and don’t worry, it’s not exercise. What it does is gets your head in the game, and prepares you to be the best you can be.

Module Seven- This adds a little “kick ass” to module six. Add this and you’ll see even better results. I can guarantee you this… EVERY successful person in the world does this and you should too.

Module Eight- This is the kicker. This is the final step to making your wildest dreams come true. It’s the difference from making an OK income like everyone else… Or making an income most people only dream about. Time to make this your reality!

Once you do these 8 steps, you’ll bust through the final barrier holding you back.

When you banish all doubt and see it working in front of your own eyes… it changes your income potential for good.

Don’t fall into the Chronic Learning Syndrome death-trap. You know, where all you do is read and read without taking action… Spending hours floating around forums and digging into eBooks and high-ticket courses that don’t deliver.

Remember, this works for ANYTHING you’re trying to promote and get leads for.

This alone is a $1497.00 value.

“How much is this going to cost me…”

Let’s put this into perspective using REAL numbers…

First, you need a domain and hosting.

Domain from GoDaddy- $20.00 (private registration)

Dedicated IP hosting from BlueHost- $300.00

SSL certificate- $50.00

Site Backup- $13.00

Total- $383.00 per year.

And that’s the cheap part…

You also need a GOOD designer that knows all about web conversion. (And finding a designer like that is NOT easy). They have to build out your kick ass template to convert visitors into sales. Expect to pay in the $5000.00 range.

Next, you need a programmer to install your databases, FTP your files, secure your site, code your files, and handle all the tech stuff to get you online.

Average wage for a good programmer is $150.00 an hour. Expect to pay for about 4 hours to start. I’m not even including the times in the future when something breaks and you have to hire them to fix it.

Total start up $600.00

And to get ‘free traffic’ rolling in, you can…

A) Stay up day and night hanging out in the forums trying to learn the newest, hottest, black hat SEO strategy that will get you to the top of Google

B) You can hire an SEO expert to do all the ‘dirty work’ for you

C) You can leverage the authority of the Empower Network viral blogging platform and get instant authority and rankings in the search engines because the search engines love our community of bloggers, our established domain and the hundreds-of-thousands of pages of unique content on our site.

But, let’s just day you want to be stubborn and do things your way — and you decide to hire an SEO expert. Guess what, good ones START at $5000.00 a month.

So when we add everything up…

Doing everything yourself will cost you conservatively $65,383.00 your first year.

Wanna know a secret? Currently we pay around $75,000.00 A MONTH just to keep The Viral Blog Platform operating like a well-oiled machine.

The good news is you’re not going to pay $75,000.00 a month like we do. Not even close…

And you won’t even pay $5448.00 a month (That’s $65,383.00 divided by 12 if you did everything yourself)…

You won’t even have to pay $497.00 a month which would actually be a good deal…

Not even $97.00 a month which would be just insane…

And not even $49.00 a month which is highway robbery…

Your final price today for everything you see here is just a measly $25 a month, and you can easily cancel at any time if you’re not blown away.


My partner Dave was not too crazy about this price. So I made a deal with him. After we reach a certain number of members we are raising the price back to the original $97.00 like we had first planned.

And we are fast approaching that number… don’t wait another second, click the link below before it’s too late…

**YES! Dave and Dave- I want my Viral Blog Platform NOW!**

Let’s recap what you get…

The Viral Core Blogging System: $497 Value

You get a core “done for you” blogging system, INSTANTLY set-up with all the “bells and whistles”… so I can be ready to generate traffic and leads as soon as you place your order!

8-Part Fast Start Video Training Series: $1497 Value

In this high-value video training series, you’ll discover the most effective ways to leverage your blog (if results are what you’re after), the core “must have” secrets to FAST online business building, and a downloadable PDF “Core Checklist” that will outline your biggest money making details all in one place.

Website Hosting, Design, Theme and Plugins: $247 Value

Because you want to get marketing and making money fast, you don’t want to have to set-up your blog – and here, you don’t have to!

You’ll get free hosting for your blog, a free theme with a sleek design (complete with profit pulling sales psychology), plus valuable paid plugins so you can save money and avoid set-up!

Also, you get a blank theme template included so you can create your own custom look geared towards ANYTHING you’re promoting!

**YES! Dave and Dave- I want my Viral Blog Platform NOW!**

“A word of warning…”

Dave and I didn’t get to where we are by being wussies or whiners. We committed to success and never looked back.

That’s what we want YOU to do with this system. We want you to become wildly successful plugging your business into the Viral Blog Platform.

We want you to surround yourself with WINNERS and ditch the losers.

That’s how we run our everyday lives… no wussies allowed in our circle.

So, are you ready to be a winner? Are you ready to let wussies go cry to mommy and whine and complain in the “Wussier Forum”?

Good, glad you’re still here.

We don’t appeal to wussies here by offering any guarantees. We provide the tools, but it’s still up to YOU to use them.

We tell the tire kicking, diaper pants crybabies to get out of town. We have no time for them to waste our time and bandwidth just because they’re curious.

We hate serial refunders, so we just don’t let their diseased kind in here in the first place. This is where the winners go. This is where people ready to take action and change their lives go.

We make no promise or income claims, because that part is up to you. Again, we provide the tools, the blueprint, and do all the tech work for you, all you need is to be committed to yourself and your business.

You still here? Are you committed?

Congratulations, you’re the kind of person we want in our circle. By now I think we’ve eliminated the people who don’t belong here.

Imagine for a moment…

You’ve got your blog set up, you’re following the eight core commitments, and you’ve got mad, effortless traffic flooding your blog uncontrollably…

Its morning, no alarm clock, you got up when you felt good and ready, and you grab a nice hot beverage or juice…

You open your email and see line after line saying “Congratulations, you’ve got a commission”… and that’s about the hardest work you’ll have to do for the day…

Maybe you walk the dog while you decide what YOU feel like doing today…

Do you go play golf? Maybe plan your next vacation? Go to the beach? Go shopping just for the hell of it?

Or maybe you just relax and do nothing!

The point is the choice is 100% yours. No “Bosshole” telling you what to do. You are free and your time is yours.

Oh, and all the people who thought you were batshit crazy to try that whole internet thing are eating their words and sheepishly asking YOU how to change their lives.

And imagine this… You get an email from your primary company saying you’re the number one affiliate. They want to fly you FIRST CLASS, all expenses paid to a special awards convention to honor YOU.

It’s a good feeling, isn’t it.

“So what are you waiting for…”

Grab your spot now while you can still get the 75% discount. Click the link below and you’ll get instant access to your blog and your training…

**YES! Dave and Dave- I want my Viral Blog Platform NOW!**

We’ll see you on the inside,

Dave and Dave

PS- Don’t spend $65,383.00 your first year trying to get your blog set up and getting traffic. We do all the hard work without breaking the bank thanks to the Viral Blogging Platform.

PPS- 150,000 people and counting can’t be wrong, this system ROCKS. And you can get it today for 75% off the normal price… but you have to act fast.

PPPS- Don’t be a wussie, join the ranks of the real players and make money from ANYTHING you touch.

Master the art of online marketing, teach others and take your life to the next level!

Thanks for stopping in.

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