AK Elite by Brad Callen – an Honest Review

12 Jul


One thing I can promise you with this AK Elite by Brad Callen review is honesty. If you know me at all, you know I’m not one for hype or false representations. There are many products out there that are a big waste of time and someday soon, this one may be; but for now, I’m impressed.

The internet is all about information, it’s the main reason people go online, whether they’re looking for music titles, products, services, locations or planning a vacation. It’s the perfect storm for ebooks.

AK Elite Reviewed

What this product will do for you depends entirely on what you’re looking to get out of it. If you want to write a book to make money, if you just want to provide free value to the market place or just have some kind of bonus for people to sign up for your newsletter, ebooks are the way to go. It’s a popular niche and it’s gaining momentum.

The front end is a product called “AK Elite” (Amazon Kindle Elite). Everybody is looking to publish kindle books online because it’s a great way to earn money out here. How long this will last? Who knows. There’s always some new product launch to drive the market in the other direction. The whole idea of making it simpler to publish a book is a cool concept. I’m not real sure how it’ll fare as a business opportunity though.

“There are tons of eBooks teaching people how to sell Kindle books. And every book teaches a specific process to get your book ranked highly in the Kindle store for your keywords, which is the starting point for making money with your Kindle book.

The problem is, they teach all of the manual steps necessary. It’s A LOT of analysis and a lot of manual work, that takes A LOT of time.

AK Elite is the FIRST and only Amazon Kindle analysis and ranking product to ever hit the internet marketing world. This will sell like crazy! It automates everything that people have already been taught to do manually.

Buying is a no brainer and AK Elite should become the starting point for people wanting to sell Kindle books.

It will be positioned as the tool they need to start with, if they’re going to make money online by publishing a Kindle book. It won’t be positioned as you have to already have a Kindle book to use this.”

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Is the AK Elite a viable option for affiliates?

No matter what product you buy, if you’re trying to make money, you need to have a list to pitch it to. Making money out here isn’t as easy as most product launches try and make it out to be.

When this finally does launch on July 9th, I’m sure it will hold some value; but it’ll be interesting to see how truly functional it is as an affiliate opp.

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