Hip Hop is More Than Music

12 Jul


Storylines, streetvibes and venomous rhymes (the forgotten saga)

Rappers are probably the most exploited group of artists in history. Folks who’ve never tasted the pleasure of havin’ to dig their own grave are pretty clueless as to what it means to really struggle out here and are str8 intrigued by it..enter the hip hop fascistnation.

Humans afraid of what we don’t understand and rap gives everybody biggie and small (sorry lol) a birds eye view into the lifestyle of the abused, neglected and otherwise dejected. It’s kinda like a sick and twisted media freak show with benefits.

Although a lot of them bark in their rhymes about the foulness that they’re orange agents paid ’em to spit, that’s not necessarily how it’s done per say. Sometimes it’s needed to get a point across no doubt; but when you hear ’em rapping about “rims”, “money”, “bi%ches” and “crack” on a regular..rest assured, it’s probably just paid industry hype, not real hop.

I like the realness factor personally.

Some portray that cataclysmic flow, some keep it strictly religious and family friendly. Regardless of radio play don’t get it twisted. Real hop is about culture and stories, it’s about keepin’ it real, no fakes, strictly legit.

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the whole subject; but one things for sure, hip hop is more than just music.

It was born on the Eastcoast, there’s been a lotta changes since then. The industry has taken on the self appointed task of redefining it’s essence. You can see where that got us.

That said, thanks to the hard work of past timeless patriarchs and fans of the craft it’s become a worldwide phenomenon and people are still digging the oldschool elementals.

Real hop ain’t goin’ anywhere.

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