Traditional Farmer bullied by Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources desperate for our help NOW

12 Jul


Another farmer takes a beating from the Government

Dear Friends of Real Food,

Mark Baker, a military veteran now traditional pig farmer raises delicious and highly prized Mangalitsa pigs. Until last year he had a thriving bootstrap family business and sold to some of the finest Detroit restaurants, health conscious consumers and even charcuterie makers.

This poor farmer has been bullied by the Michigan state regulators to the point where he cannot sell his meat to any customers. The government has unbelievably told his customers his meat is tainted (NOT true) and Mark that his pigs are feral (they are most certainly NOT, they are domesticated). It gets worse. When the state legislature tried to help him, a pork industry lobbyist buttonholed them in the cloak room and interfered!

You see, Big Pork doesn’t want you finding out that there are small family farms raising pork humanely. They will stop at nothing to put farmers like Mark Baker out of business. In fact, your state could be NEXT.


See articles on the Hartke is Online blog, including Michigan CAFOs Conspire with Government to Outlaw Outdoor Pig Farming, and Big Pig Lobbyist Uses Cloakroom Tactic to Foil Small Farm Defense.

Mark Baker has a wife and 8 children. He chose to farm in order to teach his kids how to be strong, solid citizens. AND THIS IS THE WAY he gets treated? They ought to be ashamed.

His farm has been effectively shut down for nearly a year. Mark is working hard to generate other income streams. He even started an Anyone Can Farm school to teach others how to start their own small farm business. But starting over is tough, and farm expenses remain.

Your Charitable Donation Will Keep this Family Farm Alive!

Mark and his family are waiting for their day in court on July 12. Their legal costs will eventually be supported by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, however, these are the facts:

  • Right now, they are not able to pay their bills.

  • Their electricity has been turned off.

  • One of their tractors they need for putting up hay badly needs repair.

  • They need to care for their animals. It costs money!

  • And, they have a large family to support.

There is no greater injustice than what has been done to this hardworking farm family. Let’s put our community together and rally to help them get through these difficult times. We can’t let our small farms be destroyed.Charitable relief funds are already flowing in, one Chicago activist raised $2000.00 in two days by putting out this appeal to her email list! But, the Baker Family needs around $25,000. just so they don’t lose the farm before their court case is heard.

Your Donation will Send a Message

YOU WANT FREEDOM for Mark Baker and other farmers like him. And, YOU WANT CHOICE to buy meat and, for that matter, FOOD from any producer whose products you desire. YOU CARE that this military veteran is being unfairly been stripped of his livelihood. YOU WANT FREE RANGE MEAT on the menu of options, both in restaurants and on the family table!

Learn more about Bakers Green Acres on their website:

Thank you for your support.Help This Go Viral!If you have a blog or a website, we would really appreciate you snatching the Pledgie button for this campaign and putting it on your website. Please help us reach all those who believe in the freedom to farm!

If this is still unbelievable to you, READ THIS:

See Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund article, Michigan DNR Gone Hog Wild!

Your donation is not tax deductible. All moneys donated go directly the the Baker family.




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