“What is Freedom?” That’s a multiple choice question

12 Jul


When most of us think of freedom, we think of the American flag, small Government, the ability to vote, start a business, etc; but really . . . what the heck is freedom?

Freedom is all that and more.

We’ve been conditioned to think that it’s a choice between a or b, I see it as much more.

Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Anarchist, get away from me with all that!

Freedom is more than a choice between opposing ideas, it’s more than a choice between the “lesser of two evils”. Freedom is about you, it’s about me, it’s about our own uniqueness and the magic that brings to the table!

Freedom is like alphabet soup

Without getting too crazy political, I want you to think about it for a minute.

In the beginning of our country, innovation and new ideas were the order of the day. There were poets and farmers, builders, architects, scientists and store keepers, just like there are today; but there wasn’t some elite class of experts calling the shots it was “We the People”. Our leaders knew that if it ever got turned around it would devolve into tyranny (ahem).

Today we’ve been pigeon holed into thinking that freedom is basically a choice between two opposing viewpoints. Even our laws, federal, state and local smack of this.

Everything used to be based on the Constitution, an immutable document to keep the powers that be in check.

Initially we were all “Americans“, there was a basic community ethic with respect to morality; but people were different and our diversity was celebrated. There’s some philosophical reasons for how that was possible; but I wont be touching on that today.

Freedom is what freedom does

True freedom as defined by our founders is more than the ability to make a distinction between choice a and choice b and having the liberty to make an autonomous decision based on our own particular worldview. Freedom is living on purpose with the whole alphabet in plain view.

The road to prosperity and freedom in this country was paved with our multiplicity not some semi-political cultural dichotomy.

You unique story is your strength! Don’t lose sight of it trying to fit into the matrix.

Be yourself! Get out there! Smash barriers!

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I wonder what new and powerful decisions you’re going to make today?

I’m making them with you my friend.

Thanks for being a powerful person.


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