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Traffic Generation, your ticket to freedom! Part 3

17 Jul


Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising or “PPC” is another relatively low-cost way to promote your website. It can be really effective if you know what you’re doing.

When you use pay per click advertising, your ads show up along side of regular search engine results on Google, Yahoo, MSN etc..

One of the benefits of pay per click advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, as opposed to paying for ad impressions.So if you’re well informed in this area and have a bit of marketing skills; enough to create a laser targeted campaign, it’ll pay off believe me

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

It’s really not that complicated but it’s critical that you have a thorough understanding of your target market because you’re “bidding” on keywords related to your niche.If you’re the highest bidder (among competing advertisers) for a particular keyword, your ads gonna get top placement, simple as that.

The less you bid, the lower your ad will appear.Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay the amount you bid for that particular keyword.

The number of people who click on your ad makes a difference too.

Pay Per Click Advertising Essentials

Whatever search engine you decide on, they make money every time somebody clicks on your ad, so they’re real picky when it comes to placement. Your ad has to be approved before they’ll even put out out there. Relevance is definitely something you need to factor in. You may even wanna outsource the copy to somebody else (it’s that important). They’re not gonna let a low performing take up valuable real estate on their site.That means if your ad isn’t getting clicked on (no matter what you bid for placement) it might get deactivated.

But that’s the whole point anyway, you want people to click on your ad, because you want interested, targeted visitors to come from the search engines to your site so don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Lots of times our ego gets in the way of our success.

So, there’s two key components of your pay per click advertising campaign: your ad copy (what your ad says), and what keywords you use and your ad needs to do two things: get attention, and compel people to click through to your site.

You’re not necessarily trying to sell your product/service/opportunity with this ad, that’s what your web site is for.You just wanna get people interested enough to click through. That means you’ve gotta have a catchy headline, and give them a reason to click on your ad. We’re actually talking about this is the other series Secrets to Building a Profitable Email List, compelling headline, some benefits (not features) and a strong call to action.

This isn’t a squeeze page though, you’re our paying for these clicks so keep in mind, you don’t want tire kickers who click on your ad because they think they can get a freebie, you wanna make it clear your product is not free.Using words and phrases like “free shipping” and “50% discount” not only gives people a reason to click through that might be interested in your offer, it also gives freebie seekers a reason to stay away.

The other important factor of course is what keywords you bid on. Like I said they have to be laser focused.

If your keywords are too broad in scope, you can’t be sure you’ll touch the intended market you’re reaching out to. You’ll end up blowing through a ton of money looking for targeted visitors. You need to start out with targeted keywords to attract targeted visitors.

For instance, a keyword like gambling is way too broad.Is your target market looking for an offline casino, an online casino, information on how to play, 5 card draw, 5 card stud, blackjack, slot machines, roulette? Maybe they’ve got a relative addicted to gambling, and they’re looking for information that can help. Get specific.

If you were selling a “how to play roulette” book, obviously you’d waste a lot of money bidding on the keyword “gambling.”Instead, you might bid on keywords like “roulette book” or “how to play roulette” or “roulette tips.”

Bottom line? You need to be able to test your ads, to gauge results

If you don’t know which of your keywords and which of your ads are effective, you’re wasting your money.That means you need to track each and every campaign you set up.Keep the winners, and drop the losers.You’ll make much more money if you track, test, and tweak for maximum profitability.

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