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Ethereum, the New Bitcoin! 

2 Jul


Don’t get left behind again, get started today with FREE registration! Truckloads of ether based currency available soon! Low cost so ANYONE can participate . . . and simple to build!

“OK Paul, so let me get this straight…

I can join for FREE, create my own organization over the next 2 weeks for FREE, and have a HUGE residual paycheck on the FIRST day of launch in Ethereum that WILL GROW in VALUE just like the bitcoin?”


“So, I’ll have real money coming in month after month after month, and the owner is a well known entrepreneur that has made 100’s of millions of dollars over the past twenty-five years, so he has credibility?”


“I see you guys building massive power-legs. So if I get involved you’ve already done half the work for me?”


“..for 20 bucks?”


“One more question, who in their right mind WOULDN’T join?”

I was thinking the same thing 😯


This blog is under construction 🚧

27 Jun

Boundless Devotion

is near completion..stay tuned. 


Boundless Devotion

26 May

Hey, it’s been a while I know. I’ve had some tragedies unfold, kinda knocked the wind outta my sails . . . but I’m back. 😀

I’ve decided to write a book. No it’s not an autobiography or some new marketing technique. It’s a romance/mystery/action-adventure/ novel. That’s a tall order I know, but if you’ve been following along for any length of time, you know what’s in me has GOT to come out! 

It’s actually finished, well in its third revision.

Writing a book is no joke, character development, foreshadowing, narrative propulsion, building tension, plots and subplots to move the story along, it’s neverending it seems. We won’t even get into the editing lol. 

The hardest part believe or not has been the first chapter, it’s gotta pop if you know what I mean. 

So anyway, I’m gonna be off the grid for a while again until it’s done but you know I’ll be back . . . bet. 

Secrets to Building a Profitable Email List – Part 2

17 Jul


The Bare Essentials – What you’ll need to get started

The first thing you need to understand is this, building a profitable email list takes time; but don’t give up, give yourself about two or three months to really get going. Don’t be in a rush, you’re running a marathon not a sprint.

It also takes A LOT of attention to detail, careful thought, and most importantly, action.


The hardest part of any action plan is getting started, building a profitable email list is no different. Creating momentum always starts with a good plan; but it takes commitment to follow through and also a healthy dose of accountability. This isn’t like quitting a bad habit, it’s more like developing the right ones; just stay focused.

You can do this!

If this early stage process of list building seems boring and unproductive, like I said don’t give up. It takes time and effort, but you have to keep at it if you ever want to see progress. Just take it a bite at a time and you’ll get there.

So let’s start with some of the dry, boring stuff.

What are the bare essentials that you’ll need to master before you can start making money with your list?

Purchase a Domain and Get Hosting

Before you can do anything else, you’ll need to purchase a domain and get it hosted to set yourself apart with a working landing page.

You can do it in one of two ways, use a webpage-builder to create your website or do what a lot of top end marketers are doing nowadays, use a WordPress platform . . . like this one.

The best place to start is probably by determining the theme and URL for your website.

Your Theme and URL

Start by thinking about what niche your site will focus on.

A good rule of thumb is to keep a narrow focus. If you’ve ever seen “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson, you’ll remember the part when he and his young sons were planning an attack against the Brits after they’d come to their house and essentially kidnapped his oldest. He gave them guns and told them to, “..aim small, miss small”.

For instance, if you’re thinking about creating a niche site that markets retail products through affiliate links, drill down a little further and consider focusing only on one type of product, like fishing gear; preferably something your real familiar with, something you’re passionate about!

If you grow out of your niche in the future, you can always create another site or expand your current site. But for now, keep things narrow to avoid confusing your visitors.


Once you’ve settled on a theme, you’ll want to come up with unique URL for your site. Sometimes your first choice might already be taken, just get creative.

In the past, marketers used to select URLs that were actually the key phrase they were targeting (but with a dash between each word). That’s okay if you’re targeting a long tail keyword for a particular article or campaign; but if you plan to create a memorable, credible business, you’ll wanna avoid this for your main URL and opt for one that is short and as targeted as possible so that visitors won’t forget it.

Take careful notes about the theme you want and the specific URLs that you believe will fit well with your business model and niche (it’s that important).

Comparison Shop for Your Domain and Hosting

Most web hosting services like Go daddy for instance will allow you to purchase your domain and give you a unique domain related email address when you sign up.

It’s a lot easier to manage all of your information in one place. You can point the url wherever you want and also create sub-domains.

A good place to start on your search may be This site lists an exhaustive break-down of 10 popular hosting services, which includes important details like:

  • The monthly payments
  • The setup fees related to your hosting, email, etc
  • Whether the domain registration is included at no additional cost
  • Whether you can setup email accounts through the domain
  • The plugins and features that come with the hosting service
  • Whether or not the hosting comes with a website building tool

Take some time and compare hosts to determine which one will work best for your particular needs.

Again, this is just the beginning so bear with me if this is already stuff you’re familiar with; but as a general rule of thumb (if you’re new to Internet business), you’ll want to look primarily at three items:

1. The ―Uptime Guarantee, which will give you a rough idea of whether a particular host has problems keeping sites up.

2. The price, as well as the various deals offered for locking in a 6- month or 12-month contract.

3. The site builder and plugins offered. Again, I recommend looking for a site that offers the WordPress capabilities like this one. It’ll greatly simplify the site-creation process.

I don’t wanna overwhelm you; but I just wanna finish my thoughts real quick lol.

Creating a website is important but for it to work effectively it needs to be marketable.

Create a Marketable Website

Before you even think about marketing your website, you’ll want to first spend the time to create a site that will sell itself well. It’s not critical that this site be flawless and expensive to build, but if you want it to close sales, then you should put in the time to make sure it’s attractive and will convert visitors into subscribers.

If you don’t wanna use a WordPress platform, you can go another route, it just takes longer and you need to get some tools.

A good place to start is by obtaining a WYSIWYG editor. It’ll allow you to make changes to your site on demand without learning HTML. It gives you a number of options.

If you’re able to pay upfront in order to make your life easier down the line, you may want to purchase something like XSitePro It’s a favorite among Internet marketers for a lot of reasons.

Not only will it allow you to build an attractive site, but it’ll also allow you to tweak the site in order to optimize it for search engine traffic (SEO).

Initially, I would just stick with something simple like WordPress though, it’s free and VERY user friendly. 🙂

Setup an Autoresponder Account

This is the last thing I’m gonna touch on today; but I just wanna start getting into the meat.

Whatever else you do with your site, you’ll also use it during the process of building a profitable email list (which is why you’re reading this blog lol). This means you’ll need an auto-responder.

An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to create mailing lists, manage member subscriptions, avoid spam complaints, and test and track results. With a regular email account you’re hands are tied because there are rules and regulatory laws and policies to protect people from spammers and invasions of privacy.

It’s a critical component to building a profitable email list campaign, an invaluable tool for all list owners; and as a new list-builder, you’re gonna wanna become intimately familiar with how they work.

Let’s start with the basics.

Selecting an Autoresponder Service

When it comes to selecting an autoresponder service, you have several choices.

I personally would send you to either Aweber, Get Response, or GVO.

You just follow the steps to create your list like this.

Let’s Review

So far you’ve created your website theme, selected an appropriate URL, purchased a domain name and hosting, got a WordPress site or selected a WYSIWYG editor, and picked an autoresponder service.

You’ve also created your first list, updated the subscription confirmation email, and created a form for your website, not bad. Congratulate yourself! You’ve just done what 98% of people don’t, you taken the first steps towards true financial freedom!

I know this seemed like a lot of information; but it’ll be here for you to go through again as many times as you need to. Thanks for stopping in, part three coming soon! 🙂

Traffic Generation, your ticket to freedom! – Part 2

17 Jul


How to Cash in With Your Own Sales Funnel

Traffic generation is multifaceted, today we’re gonna talk about another technique that will greatly increase your chances of success. It’s a little off the beaten path; but you need to get creative if you truly want massive results.

Chances are at some point, you’ve made a little money as an affiliate recommending a product or service to people and earned a commission every time somebody opted in using your referral link.

If you’ve done this before, you can see that being an affiliate is a quick and easy way to make money; but you’ve probably also realized that the real money isn’t necessarily in being an affiliate, the big bucks go to the ones running the affiliate program.

There’s nothing wrong with that either, it’s how free enterprise works; but what if you had your own sales funnel instead of relying on somebody elses? You’d have hundreds if not thousands of affiliates all working for you (even as an affiliate).

When you create your own funnel you have access to all the leads that run through it, so if the business folds or someone decides to copy what you’re doing and ends up knocking you off the leader board, you can just regroup and start over.

It’s also a good way to generate traffic for two reasons.

One, it’s extremely effective.

Network marketers often have their own lists and have already built relationships with their subscribers. So when they recommend your program or product to their list, you can expect to see higher than normal conversion rates.

Second, it’s a great way to generate traffic because you don’t pay up front for it, you only pay out in commissions when somebody signs up.

It’s like this, if you took out an ad someplace, you’d have to pay for it first . . . and the amount you paid would be the same no matter how many people actually visited your site; but when you’re paying affiliate commissions, you get to build a customer list, and you only pay commissions on actual sales.

(Are you getting excited yet?)

Because of the unique advantage, if you’re honest, you should be paying as high of a commission as possible to your affiliates and give special consideration to big earners that are producing results.

From time to time you’ll even see smart marketers offering 100 percent commissions like we do. The real money isn’t made on the front end, it’s made during the upsell process. It gives people an inside look so they can decide for themselves. People don’t like to be sold anymore, they like to buy after doing their own due diligence.

Sometimes proposals are made immediately to new customers as one time offers. You can go that route if you’d like to it’s still considered good business practice; but smart marketers put the prospects needs first.

Regardless of what type of traffic generation strategy you use, you’ll wanna stay in touch with existing customers. If you practice attraction marketing principles and give people the freedom to make their own informed decisions, you’ve got a better chance of them getting to know, like and trust you. That’s the goal. When you strike that balance, upsells are pretty easy.

Starting your own affiliate program

So how do you start your own affiliate program, and where do you find affiliates?

If you’re selling a digital product, start up costs are pretty low and it’s easy to get up and running in no time.

You can use Clickbank which does all the tracking for you and cuts the checks to both you and your affiliates. Their fees are a little higher than some of the other solutions out here, but since they handle everything for you, it’s kinda worth it.

The downside is, unless you personally recruit them, you don’t know who your affiliates are unless they actually make a sale. That can get dicey because you want people to be informed and at least making an effort to represent you in a way that is helpful to your long term success.

Paydotcom is a popular affiliate tracking program available to people with a Paypal account. The upside is that you get listed in their market place when you use their service, which is great! The downside is that you’ve gotta pay affiliates yourself each month. I’ve found it to be the practical solution for me personally. You just need to hold payment to affiliates back for a couple of weeks in case anybody wants a refund.

Sidenote: If you don’t care about being listed in the market place and you’re tech savvy (which I’m not), then you might consider running a script on your own site that works in tandem with whatever payment processing system you’re comfortable with.

You could actually get the benefits of all these solutions (like being listed on both Clickbank and Paydotcom), then you can set up multiple affiliate programs. Just make sure that you use different domains or at the very least different landing pages on your website.

In other words, only use one payment processor on a page, you don’t want any affiliate payout confusion.

Recruiting Your Sales Force

Once you’ve set up the affiliate program, the next thing to do is recruit affiliates.

Of course you want proven affiliates who are known to make sales; but don’t limit yourself by getting greedy. Plenty of people will sign up and never even promote their affiliate link. That’s okay though you’re goal is to help others escape the matrix too, to give them the tools and training they need to succeed; but you want to focus primarily on those who take action on their own without coaxing them along.

Babysitting affiliates just cripples their capacity to produce.

It’s kinda like when a butterfly is trying to escape out of the cocoon, if you go and slit it open, it’ll drop to the ground and never learn to fly.

Moving on.

Just being in Clickbank and/or Paydotcom could land you a few affiliates. Getting yourself listed in affiliate directories may help too. Advertising your affiliate program on your own site is a good idea (but not on the sales page, your current affiliates will worry about hijacking and commission theft).

Another way to do it is to “hunt”, to actively look for and recruit affiliates. Write personal emails to them or call them up on the phone to ask if they’d partner with you. I know it’s not popular; but it’s an option. 😉

Just like with joint ventures, you’ve gotta make sure the proposals are tipped heavily in their favor, that you focuses on the their needs first. . . not yours.

With heavy hitters, you might even consider initially giving them full access to your product for free. Most honest people won’t recommend something without using it themselves and since they’re doing you a favor, it would be a huge insult (and pretty short-sighted on your part) to ask ’em to buy your product in order to review it.

You can look for potential affiliates all around your niche. Don’t be afraid to talk to other marketers who have their own products, blogs, sites, newsletters and forums because they’ll probably already have an audience to sell to. Check the market places at Clickbank and Paydotcom to find other authors. Run a search in Google for your niche’s most popular keywords, and just approach the people who hold the top spots on the first few pages (as well as those who are advertising using pay per click).

“Success is the child of audacity”

Keep an eye out for super affiliates on leader boards in other companies. If what you have is truly remarkable, chances are they’ll take a look. Practically every marketer is at least involved an affiliate program at some level, and they can only promote so many products. What’s different about yours? What makes your affiliate program not only different but better than other affiliate programs? Do you have exceptionally high conversion rates plus high commission pay outs? Cool contests?

Make a compelling argument and just ask, it can’t hurt.

And finally, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for an affiliate to promote. The best ones will likely write their own ads rather than using the cookie approach; but that doesn’t exempt you from providing your downline with the tools and training they’re gonna need like capture pages, swipe copy for email campaigns, ad content and banners that they can use to promote etc.

Some affiliates who won’t directly use your affiliate tools may still use them as a foundation to build their own campaign around. Giving your affiliates these tools saves them a lot of time and heartache. The more time you can save them, and the easier it is to promote your product, the more likely an affiliate will come on board (and stick around).

One more thing.

This may seem extremely obvious, but it’s worth saying anyway: pay your affiliates promptly! If you say you’ll pay in 30 days, then pay in 30 days. Better yet, pay every two weeks or even weekly. Some vendors even choose to pay daily.

Don’t jerk your affiliates around and give them excuses as to why you were even one day late with payments. When the affiliate promoted, they fulfilled their end of the bargain – if you want to fulfill your end, you need to pay promptly, keep your word.

Of course using makes this point moot because like I said, they take care of your affiliate payments for you. If you might have even a little trouble paying your affiliates on time then use Clickbank.

Part three Coming Soon! 😉

Thanks for stopping in. If you liked todays blog about building a profitable email list like and share the page if you want more content like this.

Did you know that because you’re still reading this blog post, you are a person of unique desire, passion and hunger?

By now you should know that changing your life, changing your income, & stepping into a new and better future ALWAYS starts with making new and powerful decisions.

I wonder what new and powerful decisions you’re going to make today?

I’m making them with you my friend. 

Breakdancing and Graffiti, the Forgotten Elemental Expressions

13 Jul


Two of the things that pulled me into hip hop as a kid, besides the phenominosity factor of the genre itself, were breakdancing and graffiti, the seemingly forgotten elements.

I grew up on the westcoast in the San Juoaqin Valley during the mid-eighties. At the time San Jose was the Capital scene. I’d take the bus there just to watch these cats jump off. With all the glam, hype and sleepytime monotone drivel you hear comin’ outta speakers today,  people seem to be forgetting what used to make this thing pop.

I can do a little somethin’, not like this though!

While the industry tries to redefine it’s essence..the elemental principles are still alive and well. 

There’s all kinda different philosophies, styles and flavors that make up the whole and I don’t necessarily agree with all of ’em . . . but that’s okay, hip hop is just a place for everybody to congregate, it’s not a church.

Lot’s of people think it’s just about beats and rapping. There’s a lot more to it than that but there are essentially four elements:

  • Emcee (the rapper)
  • Deejay (the beatman)
  • Graffiti (the graphic artist)
  • Bboys (the dance team)

I just wanted to put these cats on blast.

Why?’s the right thing to do.

Elemental Elegance

Real hop is about keepin this world here for the next generation, it’s not just about gangs and drugs..don’t get it twisted.

“Rap nowadays is like a bunch o’ ignorant cats, not young, gifted and black just guns, bitches and crack”

-Hand me downs

You can’t put real hop in a box, it’ll find a way out believe it.

You Are Powerful My Friend!

12 Jul

Uncap your potential there’s plenty to go around

There’s something I wanted to remind you of today, a conversation I’d like to have, designed specifically with you in mind.

Growing up was hard at my house.  Some of y’all have heard my story, there is something I never mentioned though.

The hardest part of the whole experience for me was the constant put downs I endured from my stepfather. It took me years to get over to be honest. It’s actually what drove me into the lifestyle I chose to live as a youth.

Sometimes we all need to get our britches dusted and learn lessons we’ll remember for a lifetime but put downs can leave deep scars you can’t see on the surface.

I rarely talked about how it made me feel because when I did people would just tell me to, “suck it up”. At the time that sounded good to me so that’s the route I took.

I buried those feelings deep down underneath a three inch crust of anger.

On the outside I could fool just about anybody. Of course most of the people I hung around with had similar issues so it was easier to blend in, but secretly I hated myself. He made me feel like there was something wrong with me.

I used to call him, “the master of headgames” and he was.

He would purposely look for opportunities to make me feel stupid. No matter what I did it was never enough. If I was mowing the lawn, tilling the garden, trimming the bushes, whatever . . . he’d be standing in the window watching. After I did the dishes he would inspect every pot and pan, every dish, every glass.

By the time I was sixteen I’d been kicked out of every school I’d ever attended, been in and out of lock up at least a half a dozen times and still had to ask permission to eat, to turn on the TV, to leave the table . . . I hated him.

It was a miserable life, so I chose another one. 

A constant runaway, I’d gotten pretty good at hiding my anger and insecurity, but my subconscious mind would eventually give me away. I was an emotional train wreck, a time bomb ready to explode on anybody who tried to help.

Mom left him several times. We’d stay with friends for a couple of weeks, sometimes a month but she always relented.

My mother was a good woman don’t get me wrong, she was just doing what she thought was right at the time. My real father walked out and never came back, she knew I needed a father figure.

The problem was she didn’t know most of what was going on behind the scenes when she wasn’t looking, I kept a lot of it to myself.

She eventually moved out for good, got an apartment and came to pick me up from Juvenile Hall for the last time. I still had some issues that needed to be dealt with but the nightmare had finally run its course, it was over.

It took a long time to truly come to grips with it all and grow out of some of the unhealthy behavior patterns I’d adopted and this journey won’t be over til it’s really overbut I’ve learned to be thankful for everything that’s happened in my life because it’s made me who I am.

Now, back to you.

If you’re dealing with anger and insecurity from traumatic experiences in your past I want you to listen up. You’re not fooling anybody, your subconscious mind translates your struggle to the outside world in ways you probably don’t realize. You may be really good at pretending to be happy and full of confidence, but that wreckage inside your schema can’t help but peek out once in a while and it’s affecting your future, in the present.

People can tell and they’re repelled by it. Nobody offers you a thing, your life is your responsibility. Look around at your friends, misery loves company. 

There’s good news though.

No matter what anybody has told you, YOU ARE Powerful. You have extraordinary, hidden, untapped potential whether you believe it or not.

Your brain is a fantastic organ. A multiplicity of molecular momentum. As an American, as long as you work at being grateful, you have within you, the basic raw elements for tremendous success (no matter who you are)!

“ ain’t where yer from it’s where yer at”

I know what it’s like to feel dead inside, to give up the fight and to secretly hate yourself for it. I know how painful it can be trying to maintain but dying on the inside, secretly wishing you’d never been born, but you need to let this sink down deep.

Whatever direction you choose to aim for in this life, failure or success, if you keep moving . . . you’ll get there. The quickest way past an obstacle is to relentlessly beat on the same spot until you break through, kinda like a battering ram.

As long as you don’t give up you won’t fail.

I used to think of myself as an abject failure, like I could only get so far before the Universe would get in front of me. This is what I’ve learned since then.

1)Whatever level of success you’re looking for crystalize it in your mind, be clear and specific, be intentional.Write out where you wanna be in a year. Use lots of descriptive words. What’s your perfect day look like?

2)Learn all you can; but don’t wait until you’ve got it all figured out before you start taking action. Getting ready to get ready to get ready goes nowhere.

3)Roll your sleeves up and start serving, get yourself and others around successful people that have made it, help them both get what they want.

4)Keep a good attitude, be positive about the future outcome of your efforts, be thankful for everything, good and bad.

5)Be focused, be relentless, be driven! Nobody that’s had any level of success in their life was a quitter. You’re gonna screw up, make mistakes, fail and flounder . . . it’s okay. Success is a journey not a destination, you don’t have to do everything perfectly (a lesson I learned the hard way).

Don’t pay attention to the negative voices in your head, it’s nothing but useless chatter bouncing around in your subconscious mind.Tell that thing to lay down!

Bottom line?

There’s no secret formula to getting what you want out of life except that it takes effort on our part and somebody to come along side of us and point us in the right direction.

Make plans, set goals, go on ahead and dream, just don’t stop there . . . start heading in a specific direction and keep moving! Become unstoppable in your pursuit and you increase your chances of success with every step you take.

When you hit an obstacle use the negative energy to your advantage.You may have to reformulate your plans, but the momentum you create will be like a built in GPS coordinator in your brain, and it’ll carry you through whatever change needs to happen if you just refuse to give up the fight.

That’s how it’s done.

If you need any help, counsel, advice or you just wanna talk, don’t be afraid to hit me up.


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