Breakdancing and Graffiti, the Forgotten Elemental Expressions

13 Jul


Two of the things that pulled me into hip hop as a kid, besides the phenominosity factor of the genre itself, were breakdancing and graffiti, the seemingly forgotten elements.

I grew up on the westcoast in the San Juoaqin Valley during the mid-eighties. At the time San Jose was the Capital scene. I’d take the bus there just to watch these cats jump off. With all the glam, hype and sleepytime monotone drivel you hear comin’ outta speakers today,  people seem to be forgetting what used to make this thing pop.

I can do a little somethin’, not like this though!

While the industry tries to redefine it’s essence..the elemental principles are still alive and well. 

There’s all kinda different philosophies, styles and flavors that make up the whole and I don’t necessarily agree with all of ’em . . . but that’s okay, hip hop is just a place for everybody to congregate, it’s not a church.

Lot’s of people think it’s just about beats and rapping. There’s a lot more to it than that but there are essentially four elements:

  • Emcee (the rapper)
  • Deejay (the beatman)
  • Graffiti (the graphic artist)
  • Bboys (the dance team)

I just wanted to put these cats on blast.

Why?’s the right thing to do.

Elemental Elegance

Real hop is about keepin this world here for the next generation, it’s not just about gangs and drugs..don’t get it twisted.

“Rap nowadays is like a bunch o’ ignorant cats, not young, gifted and black just guns, bitches and crack”

-Hand me downs

You can’t put real hop in a box, it’ll find a way out believe it.


You Are Powerful My Friend!

12 Jul

Uncap your potential there’s plenty to go around

There’s something I wanted to remind you of today, a conversation I’d like to have, designed specifically with you in mind.

Growing up was hard at my house.  Some of y’all have heard my story, there is something I never mentioned though.

The hardest part of the whole experience for me was the constant put downs I endured from my stepfather. It took me years to get over to be honest. It’s actually what drove me into the lifestyle I chose to live as a youth.

Sometimes we all need to get our britches dusted and learn lessons we’ll remember for a lifetime but put downs can leave deep scars you can’t see on the surface.

I rarely talked about how it made me feel because when I did people would just tell me to, “suck it up”. At the time that sounded good to me so that’s the route I took.

I buried those feelings deep down underneath a three inch crust of anger.

On the outside I could fool just about anybody. Of course most of the people I hung around with had similar issues so it was easier to blend in, but secretly I hated myself. He made me feel like there was something wrong with me.

I used to call him, “the master of headgames” and he was.

He would purposely look for opportunities to make me feel stupid. No matter what I did it was never enough. If I was mowing the lawn, tilling the garden, trimming the bushes, whatever . . . he’d be standing in the window watching. After I did the dishes he would inspect every pot and pan, every dish, every glass.

By the time I was sixteen I’d been kicked out of every school I’d ever attended, been in and out of lock up at least a half a dozen times and still had to ask permission to eat, to turn on the TV, to leave the table . . . I hated him.

It was a miserable life, so I chose another one. 

A constant runaway, I’d gotten pretty good at hiding my anger and insecurity, but my subconscious mind would eventually give me away. I was an emotional train wreck, a time bomb ready to explode on anybody who tried to help.

Mom left him several times. We’d stay with friends for a couple of weeks, sometimes a month but she always relented.

My mother was a good woman don’t get me wrong, she was just doing what she thought was right at the time. My real father walked out and never came back, she knew I needed a father figure.

The problem was she didn’t know most of what was going on behind the scenes when she wasn’t looking, I kept a lot of it to myself.

She eventually moved out for good, got an apartment and came to pick me up from Juvenile Hall for the last time. I still had some issues that needed to be dealt with but the nightmare had finally run its course, it was over.

It took a long time to truly come to grips with it all and grow out of some of the unhealthy behavior patterns I’d adopted and this journey won’t be over til it’s really overbut I’ve learned to be thankful for everything that’s happened in my life because it’s made me who I am.

Now, back to you.

If you’re dealing with anger and insecurity from traumatic experiences in your past I want you to listen up. You’re not fooling anybody, your subconscious mind translates your struggle to the outside world in ways you probably don’t realize. You may be really good at pretending to be happy and full of confidence, but that wreckage inside your schema can’t help but peek out once in a while and it’s affecting your future, in the present.

People can tell and they’re repelled by it. Nobody offers you a thing, your life is your responsibility. Look around at your friends, misery loves company. 

There’s good news though.

No matter what anybody has told you, YOU ARE Powerful. You have extraordinary, hidden, untapped potential whether you believe it or not.

Your brain is a fantastic organ. A multiplicity of molecular momentum. As an American, as long as you work at being grateful, you have within you, the basic raw elements for tremendous success (no matter who you are)!

“ ain’t where yer from it’s where yer at”

I know what it’s like to feel dead inside, to give up the fight and to secretly hate yourself for it. I know how painful it can be trying to maintain but dying on the inside, secretly wishing you’d never been born, but you need to let this sink down deep.

Whatever direction you choose to aim for in this life, failure or success, if you keep moving . . . you’ll get there. The quickest way past an obstacle is to relentlessly beat on the same spot until you break through, kinda like a battering ram.

As long as you don’t give up you won’t fail.

I used to think of myself as an abject failure, like I could only get so far before the Universe would get in front of me. This is what I’ve learned since then.

1)Whatever level of success you’re looking for crystalize it in your mind, be clear and specific, be intentional.Write out where you wanna be in a year. Use lots of descriptive words. What’s your perfect day look like?

2)Learn all you can; but don’t wait until you’ve got it all figured out before you start taking action. Getting ready to get ready to get ready goes nowhere.

3)Roll your sleeves up and start serving, get yourself and others around successful people that have made it, help them both get what they want.

4)Keep a good attitude, be positive about the future outcome of your efforts, be thankful for everything, good and bad.

5)Be focused, be relentless, be driven! Nobody that’s had any level of success in their life was a quitter. You’re gonna screw up, make mistakes, fail and flounder . . . it’s okay. Success is a journey not a destination, you don’t have to do everything perfectly (a lesson I learned the hard way).

Don’t pay attention to the negative voices in your head, it’s nothing but useless chatter bouncing around in your subconscious mind.Tell that thing to lay down!

Bottom line?

There’s no secret formula to getting what you want out of life except that it takes effort on our part and somebody to come along side of us and point us in the right direction.

Make plans, set goals, go on ahead and dream, just don’t stop there . . . start heading in a specific direction and keep moving! Become unstoppable in your pursuit and you increase your chances of success with every step you take.

When you hit an obstacle use the negative energy to your advantage.You may have to reformulate your plans, but the momentum you create will be like a built in GPS coordinator in your brain, and it’ll carry you through whatever change needs to happen if you just refuse to give up the fight.

That’s how it’s done.

If you need any help, counsel, advice or you just wanna talk, don’t be afraid to hit me up.


Traffic Generation, your ticket to freedom! – Part 1

12 Jul


Joint Venture Secrets

You’ve got a phenomenal website, a stunning product, and a sales letter that could sell a Ferrari to Ebenezer Scrooge!

This is a million dollar recipe right?Maybe; but if you don’t get this part right, you’re wasting your time. Traffic generation is the last, crucial piece of the marketing puzzle; bringing targeted visitors to your website.

If that’s the piece that you’re still missing, this report is for you.In this series you’ll discover the truth about some of the most effective promotional methods; like joint ventures, search engine traffic, viral marketing, and a whole lot more.Plus you’ll also discover the one thing you can do to give yourself an instant pay raise almost any time you want.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started.

Joint Venture Secrets

What do you get when you combine your resources with another business owner’s resources?A joint venture …and one very powerful (free) way to promote your website. These things come in all shapes and sizes, and when you do it right, they’re mutually beneficial ways to get more traffic and sales.

If you want to develop effective traffic generation strategies like this, keep in mind that you have to be looking out for them as much as you expect them to be looking out for you.

Side Note: Although we commonly think of joint ventures as ways to enhance traffic generation, you can also use them to create products together, too.

How you form a joint venture is limited to your own imagination, it’s not that complicated.

For instance, you may wanna:

·Take turns endorsing each other in your newsletters or on your blogs.

· Encourage your new subscribers to sign up for your partner’s newsletter too (and vice versa).

·Swap simple links on your sites for search engine purposes.

·Include each other’s brochures in your postal mailings.

·Offer exclusive discounts and bonus products to each other’s customers or newsletter subscribers.

·Create and market a product together, like a one hour teleseminar.

·Trade articles and place them on your respective blogs or web page.

·Trade links on your download pages and newsletter thank you pages.

·Trade links in your free and bonus reports.

·Trade bonus reports (ensure your report has links leading back to your site).

·Offer each other special deals for promoting one another’s products, such as high commissions not available to anyone else, plus a special offer for customers.

…and anything else that you can think of that would be mutually beneficial.

So how do you do joint ventures?

First of all, start thinkin’ about who you could team up with in your niche.

Stop looking at your fellow marketers as competitors, and start looking at them as potential partners instead.Seriously, some of your best partners will be those who you thought were your biggest competitors.

Next, you need to start building relationships with these people. Helping other people get what they want is the quickest way to get what you want.

Generally that’s the best way to get the attention of a busy marketer, you’re both looking for new traffic generation strategies; but you’re both busy doing other things.

Think about it . . . if they have limited time in the day (like we all do), which emails in their inbox, and which joint ventures, are going to get priority?The ones from people they recognize will catch their eye first, it’s a no brainer; but like I said, you’ve got to be looking out for other people too!

You build relationships by getting the person’s attention, first.That means attending offline seminars, maybe providing income for them by opting to become an affiliate in their business, interacting on their forums and blogs, and just getting out there, becoming known in your niche.

Having said all that, whether or not you actually build a relationship first with your potential joint venture partners or not, the last step is always the same: you need to create an attractive proposal.

When you propose the idea to your potential partner, you focus on what benefits they are gonna receive if they decide to opt in.

You gotta remember, they don’t necessarily care about you.They don’t care about the fact that you want to make more money, drive more traffic to your site, and build your list. When it comes right down to it, all they care about is themselves, their products, their website, and their customers.

Your proposal letter should focus on what’s in it for them, and how their website and customers will benefit.

Will they get more traffic?Will they make more money?Will your partnership help them build their list?Will your offer raise their status in the niche?

Don’t underestimate the benefits of stroking someone’s ego!

Remember . . .you’re essentially writing a sales letter.That means before you even approach your potential partners, you’ve gotta put yourself in their shoes, find out what’s important to them. What makes them tick?What motivates them?

Once you figure out their “hot buttons,” then you can (gently push) encourage them to partner with you. As long as it’s beneficial to them there shouldn’t be an issue.

Most of all remember this (especially when you’re dealing with a partner that has a lot to offer), you need them more than they need you.Just be sure sure to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

The bigger the partner and the more they have to offer, the more you should tilt the deal in their favor.

Traditional Farmer bullied by Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources desperate for our help NOW

12 Jul


Another farmer takes a beating from the Government

Dear Friends of Real Food,

Mark Baker, a military veteran now traditional pig farmer raises delicious and highly prized Mangalitsa pigs. Until last year he had a thriving bootstrap family business and sold to some of the finest Detroit restaurants, health conscious consumers and even charcuterie makers.

This poor farmer has been bullied by the Michigan state regulators to the point where he cannot sell his meat to any customers. The government has unbelievably told his customers his meat is tainted (NOT true) and Mark that his pigs are feral (they are most certainly NOT, they are domesticated). It gets worse. When the state legislature tried to help him, a pork industry lobbyist buttonholed them in the cloak room and interfered!

You see, Big Pork doesn’t want you finding out that there are small family farms raising pork humanely. They will stop at nothing to put farmers like Mark Baker out of business. In fact, your state could be NEXT.


See articles on the Hartke is Online blog, including Michigan CAFOs Conspire with Government to Outlaw Outdoor Pig Farming, and Big Pig Lobbyist Uses Cloakroom Tactic to Foil Small Farm Defense.

Mark Baker has a wife and 8 children. He chose to farm in order to teach his kids how to be strong, solid citizens. AND THIS IS THE WAY he gets treated? They ought to be ashamed.

His farm has been effectively shut down for nearly a year. Mark is working hard to generate other income streams. He even started an Anyone Can Farm school to teach others how to start their own small farm business. But starting over is tough, and farm expenses remain.

Your Charitable Donation Will Keep this Family Farm Alive!

Mark and his family are waiting for their day in court on July 12. Their legal costs will eventually be supported by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, however, these are the facts:

  • Right now, they are not able to pay their bills.

  • Their electricity has been turned off.

  • One of their tractors they need for putting up hay badly needs repair.

  • They need to care for their animals. It costs money!

  • And, they have a large family to support.

There is no greater injustice than what has been done to this hardworking farm family. Let’s put our community together and rally to help them get through these difficult times. We can’t let our small farms be destroyed.Charitable relief funds are already flowing in, one Chicago activist raised $2000.00 in two days by putting out this appeal to her email list! But, the Baker Family needs around $25,000. just so they don’t lose the farm before their court case is heard.

Your Donation will Send a Message

YOU WANT FREEDOM for Mark Baker and other farmers like him. And, YOU WANT CHOICE to buy meat and, for that matter, FOOD from any producer whose products you desire. YOU CARE that this military veteran is being unfairly been stripped of his livelihood. YOU WANT FREE RANGE MEAT on the menu of options, both in restaurants and on the family table!

Learn more about Bakers Green Acres on their website:

Thank you for your support.Help This Go Viral!If you have a blog or a website, we would really appreciate you snatching the Pledgie button for this campaign and putting it on your website. Please help us reach all those who believe in the freedom to farm!

If this is still unbelievable to you, READ THIS:

See Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund article, Michigan DNR Gone Hog Wild!

Your donation is not tax deductible. All moneys donated go directly the the Baker family.



Auto Recruiting Platform Generating System?

12 Jul


The Auto Recruiting Platform system may have it’s advantages; but advantages don’t necessarily equate to the massive results that we’re all looking for.

Hi I’m Paul, founder of Skyrocket Success Institute. We’re dedicated to helping online marketers achieve extraordinary results through a dynamic three fold informational platform of education, coaching and community.

“The Auto Recruiting Platform is just one of many..”

Regardless of what you may have heard, no one can guarantee your online success, and neither can any one program. A lot of it has to do with good old fashioned ability, practical, hands-on marketing skills; a lot of it has to do with knowing how to use these products.

The Auto Recruiting Platform is just one of many such systems promising big results; but there’s more to long term sustainability than putting your trust in some program to do the work for you. As you grow as a leader, you’ll need to be able to prove yourself to your team.

See, success out here (especially when it comes to getting traffic) is more than just buying software to recruit people, there’s a science to it. These automated systems have their place, anything that makes our lives easier can be a good thing; but the lifeblood to your company will be in your list.

Like I said, a lot of these automated programs like the Auto Recruiting Platform have their place; but you need to have qualified mentors pointing you in the right direction and the acquired critical marketing skills needed to increase your conversion rate on the other side of the capture page.


“What is Freedom?” That’s a multiple choice question

12 Jul


When most of us think of freedom, we think of the American flag, small Government, the ability to vote, start a business, etc; but really . . . what the heck is freedom?

Freedom is all that and more.

We’ve been conditioned to think that it’s a choice between a or b, I see it as much more.

Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Anarchist, get away from me with all that!

Freedom is more than a choice between opposing ideas, it’s more than a choice between the “lesser of two evils”. Freedom is about you, it’s about me, it’s about our own uniqueness and the magic that brings to the table!

Freedom is like alphabet soup

Without getting too crazy political, I want you to think about it for a minute.

In the beginning of our country, innovation and new ideas were the order of the day. There were poets and farmers, builders, architects, scientists and store keepers, just like there are today; but there wasn’t some elite class of experts calling the shots it was “We the People”. Our leaders knew that if it ever got turned around it would devolve into tyranny (ahem).

Today we’ve been pigeon holed into thinking that freedom is basically a choice between two opposing viewpoints. Even our laws, federal, state and local smack of this.

Everything used to be based on the Constitution, an immutable document to keep the powers that be in check.

Initially we were all “Americans“, there was a basic community ethic with respect to morality; but people were different and our diversity was celebrated. There’s some philosophical reasons for how that was possible; but I wont be touching on that today.

Freedom is what freedom does

True freedom as defined by our founders is more than the ability to make a distinction between choice a and choice b and having the liberty to make an autonomous decision based on our own particular worldview. Freedom is living on purpose with the whole alphabet in plain view.

The road to prosperity and freedom in this country was paved with our multiplicity not some semi-political cultural dichotomy.

You unique story is your strength! Don’t lose sight of it trying to fit into the matrix.

Be yourself! Get out there! Smash barriers!

 IMBIZ Empires – your way out of the matrix

If you’re ready to get start getting massive results today..

1. Get your system here

2. Get your blog here

3. Meet me in class here

 Master the art of online marketing, teach others and take your life to the next level!

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Did you know that because you’re still reading this blog post, you are a person of unique desire, passion and hunger?

By now you should know that changing your life, changing your income, & stepping into a new and better future ALWAYS starts with making new and powerful decisions.

I wonder what new and powerful decisions you’re going to make today?

I’m making them with you my friend.

Thanks for being a powerful person.


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AK Elite by Brad Callen – an Honest Review

12 Jul


One thing I can promise you with this AK Elite by Brad Callen review is honesty. If you know me at all, you know I’m not one for hype or false representations. There are many products out there that are a big waste of time and someday soon, this one may be; but for now, I’m impressed.

The internet is all about information, it’s the main reason people go online, whether they’re looking for music titles, products, services, locations or planning a vacation. It’s the perfect storm for ebooks.

AK Elite Reviewed

What this product will do for you depends entirely on what you’re looking to get out of it. If you want to write a book to make money, if you just want to provide free value to the market place or just have some kind of bonus for people to sign up for your newsletter, ebooks are the way to go. It’s a popular niche and it’s gaining momentum.

The front end is a product called “AK Elite” (Amazon Kindle Elite). Everybody is looking to publish kindle books online because it’s a great way to earn money out here. How long this will last? Who knows. There’s always some new product launch to drive the market in the other direction. The whole idea of making it simpler to publish a book is a cool concept. I’m not real sure how it’ll fare as a business opportunity though.

“There are tons of eBooks teaching people how to sell Kindle books. And every book teaches a specific process to get your book ranked highly in the Kindle store for your keywords, which is the starting point for making money with your Kindle book.

The problem is, they teach all of the manual steps necessary. It’s A LOT of analysis and a lot of manual work, that takes A LOT of time.

AK Elite is the FIRST and only Amazon Kindle analysis and ranking product to ever hit the internet marketing world. This will sell like crazy! It automates everything that people have already been taught to do manually.

Buying is a no brainer and AK Elite should become the starting point for people wanting to sell Kindle books.

It will be positioned as the tool they need to start with, if they’re going to make money online by publishing a Kindle book. It won’t be positioned as you have to already have a Kindle book to use this.”

source link

Is the AK Elite a viable option for affiliates?

No matter what product you buy, if you’re trying to make money, you need to have a list to pitch it to. Making money out here isn’t as easy as most product launches try and make it out to be.

When this finally does launch on July 9th, I’m sure it will hold some value; but it’ll be interesting to see how truly functional it is as an affiliate opp.

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