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Traffic Generation, your ticket to freedom! – Part 2

17 Jul


How to Cash in With Your Own Sales Funnel

Traffic generation is multifaceted, today we’re gonna talk about another technique that will greatly increase your chances of success. It’s a little off the beaten path; but you need to get creative if you truly want massive results.

Chances are at some point, you’ve made a little money as an affiliate recommending a product or service to people and earned a commission every time somebody opted in using your referral link.

If you’ve done this before, you can see that being an affiliate is a quick and easy way to make money; but you’ve probably also realized that the real money isn’t necessarily in being an affiliate, the big bucks go to the ones running the affiliate program.

There’s nothing wrong with that either, it’s how free enterprise works; but what if you had your own sales funnel instead of relying on somebody elses? You’d have hundreds if not thousands of affiliates all working for you (even as an affiliate).

When you create your own funnel you have access to all the leads that run through it, so if the business folds or someone decides to copy what you’re doing and ends up knocking you off the leader board, you can just regroup and start over.

It’s also a good way to generate traffic for two reasons.

One, it’s extremely effective.

Network marketers often have their own lists and have already built relationships with their subscribers. So when they recommend your program or product to their list, you can expect to see higher than normal conversion rates.

Second, it’s a great way to generate traffic because you don’t pay up front for it, you only pay out in commissions when somebody signs up.

It’s like this, if you took out an ad someplace, you’d have to pay for it first . . . and the amount you paid would be the same no matter how many people actually visited your site; but when you’re paying affiliate commissions, you get to build a customer list, and you only pay commissions on actual sales.

(Are you getting excited yet?)

Because of the unique advantage, if you’re honest, you should be paying as high of a commission as possible to your affiliates and give special consideration to big earners that are producing results.

From time to time you’ll even see smart marketers offering 100 percent commissions like we do. The real money isn’t made on the front end, it’s made during the upsell process. It gives people an inside look so they can decide for themselves. People don’t like to be sold anymore, they like to buy after doing their own due diligence.

Sometimes proposals are made immediately to new customers as one time offers. You can go that route if you’d like to it’s still considered good business practice; but smart marketers put the prospects needs first.

Regardless of what type of traffic generation strategy you use, you’ll wanna stay in touch with existing customers. If you practice attraction marketing principles and give people the freedom to make their own informed decisions, you’ve got a better chance of them getting to know, like and trust you. That’s the goal. When you strike that balance, upsells are pretty easy.

Starting your own affiliate program

So how do you start your own affiliate program, and where do you find affiliates?

If you’re selling a digital product, start up costs are pretty low and it’s easy to get up and running in no time.

You can use Clickbank which does all the tracking for you and cuts the checks to both you and your affiliates. Their fees are a little higher than some of the other solutions out here, but since they handle everything for you, it’s kinda worth it.

The downside is, unless you personally recruit them, you don’t know who your affiliates are unless they actually make a sale. That can get dicey because you want people to be informed and at least making an effort to represent you in a way that is helpful to your long term success.

Paydotcom is a popular affiliate tracking program available to people with a Paypal account. The upside is that you get listed in their market place when you use their service, which is great! The downside is that you’ve gotta pay affiliates yourself each month. I’ve found it to be the practical solution for me personally. You just need to hold payment to affiliates back for a couple of weeks in case anybody wants a refund.

Sidenote: If you don’t care about being listed in the market place and you’re tech savvy (which I’m not), then you might consider running a script on your own site that works in tandem with whatever payment processing system you’re comfortable with.

You could actually get the benefits of all these solutions (like being listed on both Clickbank and Paydotcom), then you can set up multiple affiliate programs. Just make sure that you use different domains or at the very least different landing pages on your website.

In other words, only use one payment processor on a page, you don’t want any affiliate payout confusion.

Recruiting Your Sales Force

Once you’ve set up the affiliate program, the next thing to do is recruit affiliates.

Of course you want proven affiliates who are known to make sales; but don’t limit yourself by getting greedy. Plenty of people will sign up and never even promote their affiliate link. That’s okay though you’re goal is to help others escape the matrix too, to give them the tools and training they need to succeed; but you want to focus primarily on those who take action on their own without coaxing them along.

Babysitting affiliates just cripples their capacity to produce.

It’s kinda like when a butterfly is trying to escape out of the cocoon, if you go and slit it open, it’ll drop to the ground and never learn to fly.

Moving on.

Just being in Clickbank and/or Paydotcom could land you a few affiliates. Getting yourself listed in affiliate directories may help too. Advertising your affiliate program on your own site is a good idea (but not on the sales page, your current affiliates will worry about hijacking and commission theft).

Another way to do it is to “hunt”, to actively look for and recruit affiliates. Write personal emails to them or call them up on the phone to ask if they’d partner with you. I know it’s not popular; but it’s an option. 😉

Just like with joint ventures, you’ve gotta make sure the proposals are tipped heavily in their favor, that you focuses on the their needs first. . . not yours.

With heavy hitters, you might even consider initially giving them full access to your product for free. Most honest people won’t recommend something without using it themselves and since they’re doing you a favor, it would be a huge insult (and pretty short-sighted on your part) to ask ’em to buy your product in order to review it.

You can look for potential affiliates all around your niche. Don’t be afraid to talk to other marketers who have their own products, blogs, sites, newsletters and forums because they’ll probably already have an audience to sell to. Check the market places at Clickbank and Paydotcom to find other authors. Run a search in Google for your niche’s most popular keywords, and just approach the people who hold the top spots on the first few pages (as well as those who are advertising using pay per click).

“Success is the child of audacity”

Keep an eye out for super affiliates on leader boards in other companies. If what you have is truly remarkable, chances are they’ll take a look. Practically every marketer is at least involved an affiliate program at some level, and they can only promote so many products. What’s different about yours? What makes your affiliate program not only different but better than other affiliate programs? Do you have exceptionally high conversion rates plus high commission pay outs? Cool contests?

Make a compelling argument and just ask, it can’t hurt.

And finally, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for an affiliate to promote. The best ones will likely write their own ads rather than using the cookie approach; but that doesn’t exempt you from providing your downline with the tools and training they’re gonna need like capture pages, swipe copy for email campaigns, ad content and banners that they can use to promote etc.

Some affiliates who won’t directly use your affiliate tools may still use them as a foundation to build their own campaign around. Giving your affiliates these tools saves them a lot of time and heartache. The more time you can save them, and the easier it is to promote your product, the more likely an affiliate will come on board (and stick around).

One more thing.

This may seem extremely obvious, but it’s worth saying anyway: pay your affiliates promptly! If you say you’ll pay in 30 days, then pay in 30 days. Better yet, pay every two weeks or even weekly. Some vendors even choose to pay daily.

Don’t jerk your affiliates around and give them excuses as to why you were even one day late with payments. When the affiliate promoted, they fulfilled their end of the bargain – if you want to fulfill your end, you need to pay promptly, keep your word.

Of course using Clickbank.com makes this point moot because like I said, they take care of your affiliate payments for you. If you might have even a little trouble paying your affiliates on time then use Clickbank.

Part three Coming Soon! 😉

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Secrets to Building a Profitable Email List – Part 1

14 Jul


Introduction: Your Number One Asset

You might be wondering, “What’s the big deal?”.

After all, it seems like an awful a lot of work to find prospects, get them to opt-into your newsletter or blog, create fresh daily or weekly content to send. Isn’t having your own business about freedom?”

Yes it is; but there’s a secret to building a profitable email list, are you ready? (shhh) It does take a little sacrifice and a bit of effort.

You can’t just send low-grade content and expect them to buy just because you sent out an email. It takes time and it takes attention to detail to do things right. That’s exactly why many marketers never do it.

But that’s a big mistake that hopefully you don’t make.

Building a profitable email list basics

Marketing to your list is one of the most profitable things you can do in this game, that’s what I’m gonna show you how to do in this series.

So why is building an email list a good idea? There are many reasons, but these five are probably the most important:

1) Building a list allows you to reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. No matter what you might think, it’s much, much cheaper to pre-qualify and pitch to one person until they buy than it is to pitch to different people until one of them buys.

2) Building a list allows you to maximize the profit that you generate per customer.

3) Having a list means that you can participate in major launch events. Next time there’s a big launch, you can benefit by being one of the first affiliates to offer the product.

4) Having a list allows you to test your copy. With a captive audience, you can run controlled experiments to test your copy’s conversion rate before you pay to send the same advertisement out to a larger audience.

5) Having a list allows you to bring more to the table in future joint venture partnerships. Rather than simply offering to do part of the product-creation work, you can now offer to market the completed product to your list.

For these five reasons and many, many others, list building is one of the most profitable things you can do as an Internet marketer. Not only will it help you to monetize your current sites better, but it will also open up new avenues for partnership and marketing.

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Did you know that because you’re still reading this blog post, you are a person of unique desire, passion and hunger?

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Auto Recruiting Platform Generating System?

12 Jul


The Auto Recruiting Platform system may have it’s advantages; but advantages don’t necessarily equate to the massive results that we’re all looking for.

Hi I’m Paul, founder of Skyrocket Success Institute. We’re dedicated to helping online marketers achieve extraordinary results through a dynamic three fold informational platform of education, coaching and community.

“The Auto Recruiting Platform is just one of many..”

Regardless of what you may have heard, no one can guarantee your online success, and neither can any one program. A lot of it has to do with good old fashioned ability, practical, hands-on marketing skills; a lot of it has to do with knowing how to use these products.

The Auto Recruiting Platform is just one of many such systems promising big results; but there’s more to long term sustainability than putting your trust in some program to do the work for you. As you grow as a leader, you’ll need to be able to prove yourself to your team.

See, success out here (especially when it comes to getting traffic) is more than just buying software to recruit people, there’s a science to it. These automated systems have their place, anything that makes our lives easier can be a good thing; but the lifeblood to your company will be in your list.

Like I said, a lot of these automated programs like the Auto Recruiting Platform have their place; but you need to have qualified mentors pointing you in the right direction and the acquired critical marketing skills needed to increase your conversion rate on the other side of the capture page.


How to create viral content

27 Jun


There’s no magic formula to making something go viral, but these simple bits of advice could help increase your odds.

June 12, 2013

“How do I make sure my content goes viral?”

I am asked this question all the time and could answer in what would be one of the shortest posts ever: You can’t.

Part of the magic and the mystery of viral content is that it emerges from nowhere—how many of us had heard of Psy before Gangnam Style?—and then succeeds in charming us, crossing us or otherwise capturing our attention. While I can’t offer a specific formula for businesses and brand marketers to get your campaign out there, I can offer a few useful bits of advice.

A Brief History of Sharing

The first has to do with understanding just what we mean when we talk about something going viral. When we say something is viral, we don’t necessarily mean that it has a lot of views. Every video by Rihanna gets tens of millions of hits, but very few people, if any, tune in simply because a friend forwarded it to them. They watch Rihanna videos because they like Rihanna. They would be doing the same thing even if the Internet had never gone social.

So why do people choose to share some things online? The answer predates the Internet. We share content with our friends because we like them and we want them to experience the same things as us. Most residents of East Germany didn’t even have a phone, let alone a computer-mediated social network, in the late ’80s. But relying solely on word of mouth, they organized a series of peaceful demonstrations that led to the collapse of the Communist Party and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Their message went viral because it mattered to people. It resonated with them and moved them to action.

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When someone shares your content or your message, they do it for their peers—not you. At our recent Meetup on viral marketing, Jonathan Perelman put it succinctly: “I don’t share your brand because I like your brand. I share your brand because I like my friends.”

What Goes Viral

Now that we know the “why” behind viral, let’s talk about the “what.” Any piece of content—a brand commercial, a funny ad for a deodorant company, a message from a political candidate—must evoke an emotion that arouses. In his book Contagious: Why Things Catch On, Jonah Berger explains that the key to sharing is in the nature of emotion it provokes. Awe gets shared more than contentment. Anger is more viral than sadness.

This leads me to a second counterintuitive thought: The smaller and more focused your target audience is, the more likely it is that the piece will gain traction. Remember, the decision to share has less to do with how much fans like what we’re sharing and more to do with how much we like our friends. We’re more likely to share stuff that suits our common interests, and interests vary from group to group, and are usually pretty narrow.

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Say my friends and I are all huge Star Wars nerds. And suppose I stumble upon some video of a comedian riffing on some Star Wars minutia. Obviously, I’m going to send it to my buddies. But the cycle doesn’t end there. The video gets sent from one small circle of enthusiasts to another—each ripple larger than the last

It’s the cheerleader theory of media: Create something for a specific audience that is really passionate about it, and word will get out beyond the initial circles. Make something with the intention of pleasing the entire world, and you’re likely to get ignored.

That leads me to my last piece of advice: Ignore everything I’ve just told you and make something that makes you proud.

If you crack up or tear up every time you see your video, others will too. If you can’t wait to share something with everyone you know, others will love it. Measuring success shouldn’t be benchmarked against viral videos of years past. It should be determined by the quality and originality of your content. It’s that simple.

Read more articles on going viral.

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Programmatic Potential and Algorithms

27 Jun


Why it’s important to embrace change

Things are moving so fast in our world today, it’s hard to keep up; but if you’re a marketer or a business person, it’s an essential element to success.

The rise and fall of the giant

The days of the PC are nearly a distant memory, people like mobile. The standard desktop is still part of the equation within office settings, for now, however soon it will fade away into oblivion.

Technology is like that; but it certainly doesn’t stop there.

The internet itself is headed for some sweeping changes, social media isn’t going anywhere. When MySpace first appeared on the scene, everybody rushed to it, hoping it would provide a platform that would give them the ability to virtually sweep in traffic to their respective websites. It did good for a little while, then flopped.

There was so much commercialization and clutter it became more of an ugly nuisance. A lot of times it took forever to pages to load, their decency standards dropped to new lows, Their reputation began to sink and kept going until they became nothing more than another Bandcamp, a place for artists to drop their music, not much of a social network.

Facebook provided more options and was much cleaner, so they started to dominate the market and the rest, as they say, is history.

Comfort drives behavior

We don’t adapt to change real well and once we’ve gotten used to something that provides us with value, we’re hard-pressed to deviate. That’s why Facebook has become such a dominator. We all have our own social networks and historys there. It also gives us the ability to connect with each other in ways never dreamed possible in the past.

It’s more than a forum, it’s more than a social site, it’s Facebook.

Twitter has it’s purpose for blasting out short messages; but Facebook is the place to be. If you’re looking for friends and family members, trying to connect with co-workers or to prospect; most everybody is there, it’s become a friggin icon!

It’s not going anywhere.

The shift to programmatic buying habits

In the very near future the dynamic of what the internet itself represents will be obsolete. It’s kind of a scary thought I know; but it is what it is and you need to be prepared for what’s coming. Staying focused on testing and analytics will get more and more important as time goes by.

The traditional marketing techniques aren’t gonna to produce the results they used to. You’ll need to be real good at finding the right kind of talent to perform specialized tasks, people with specific experience in various skills within the realm of social media, video marketing, psychology and predicting behavior etc.

There are 1.7 billion connected mobile devices for instance. The shift isn’t going to happen, it’s not happening . . . it’s already happened. Like I said, things are moving so fast it’s hard to keep up, and I meant it.

If you’re just paying attention to projected trends from traditional outlets, people that aren’t standing directly on top of modern cutting edge business practices, you’ll be left behind I promise.

Utility based marketing

Another changing dynamic is “utility based marketing”. It’s going to the toy store, wondering what’s in the Lego box, being able to hold it up to a unit that shows you not only what’s in the box; but what can be built and how. It’s Charmin bath tissue creating an app that not only gives you access to coupons but shows you where the nearest clean bathroom is, giving you the ability to rate and review toilets for other people. It’s like 3d interactive direct sales and marketing within the framework of social network utility management and gamification (whew!).

The bottom line is this. Doing business the old fashioned way, is dead. Doing business tProgrammatic Potential and Algorithmshe way it’s been done for the past 7 years is, dead. Doing business the way it was done just a year ago is nearly, dead.

Staying on top of existing technology is not only essential to the future of your business, it’s a critical component to your survival, now.

Good things come to those who wait; but they get what’s left over from those who hustle.”

-Tracey Walker

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Attraction Marketing Secrets

13 Jun


Stop Chasing People down!

I have a few personal convictions. Some of them are politically motivated, some of them are spiritual. At times I feel constrained to speak out and I will, most of the the time I just keep it to myself.

Some people may view that as compromise, I see it as giving people the freedom to think for themselves without my intruding into their personal lives.

In America we have the option to form our own opinions, we have the liberty to think for ourselves.

When I first started out hanging around social networks and forums, I saw it as a platform or a virtual soapbox. It gave us all, young and old, American or otherwise, the ability to speak about important issues, to people all over the world that we may or may not otherwise meet in person.

It was empowering!

Well, once the dust settled and everybody got comfortable, the dynamics changed. People that frequent sites like Facebook nowadays for instance, typically connect with others who are like minded and already have their own message so you’re basically just preaching to the choir if you know what I mean. Unless you reach out to people with differing viewpoints you’re just a little fish in a big pond, it’s not much of a “platform” anymore. In fact if you do attempt to “reach across” the pond to those with differing political or spiritual perspectives you’re more than likely just gonna get chased away.

As such I try to steer clear of negative discussion; but for the sake of example, the other day I had a Facebook meltdown. The Pentagon decided it was inappropriate for our military to read conservative books in uniform, you wanna talk about pissed? I won’t go into much of anything else you can look it up if you’d like; but it sent me reeling!

Guess what? It didn’t do a damn thing but make me feel better for about 30 minutes. I got a few likes, connected with several people who understood my frustration but did it make any real difference? Did it prompt change in Federal policy? Hardly. What it did do is reveal my own negative frustrations. I left the post, it is what it is; but it didn’t help one iota.

If you’re passionate about something don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind, just don’t do it on a regular basis if you’re an attraction marketer.

One more thing, possibly the most important thing of all.

If you’re trying to chase potential prospects or clients rather than just allowing your own confidence in the product/service/training you have to offer, you won’t do anything but push people away. In fact the more you chase them, the further they’ll run (trust me on this). No matter how awesome of a salesman you think you are you’ll just end up frustrated.

Imagine a butterfly resting comfortably, sucking the delicious nectar from the tender bulb of a flower in bloom. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it’s so happy just sitting there absorbing the nutrients it came to enjoy.

Then here you come running after it with a bucket full of nectar in one hand, clutching a net in the other trying to convince it to get in. That thing would take off faster than you could blink! It would see you coming a mile away!

Now imagine the same butterfly, same beautiful scene and you, sneaking up trying to grab it by it’s wings. It would sit there for a little while, taking in as much of that sweet, tasty nectar it could, watching you out of the corner of it’s..er..eyes just waiting to see what you were gonna do. You may trick it into trusting you just long enough for you to grab it; but it’s doubtful.

If you did get it, the only thing on it’s mind would be trying to escape.

That’s not how sales is done.

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How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website Part 5

10 Jun

Tips For Maximizing Your Website’s Presence For SEO –

by | on June 8, 2013


I had the final page all set and ready to roll; but then I read this blog today from a fellow member and had to go lookin’ for my socks. They were completely blown off!

This guy is a tremendous resource, I’ll be peeking in on his blogs from time to time believe it. Deep, rich content, it commanded my respect.

Big Ups Joseph!

“It is important that you have a plan for search engine optimization if you are a webpage owner. Search engines are one of the most popular methods potential customers will use to access your website. For this reason, you must set your sights on having your website show up fairly high in search engine listings. The tips from this article will show you how.

The correct anchor text is very important when linking internally on your website. If the text you use is generic, like “click here,” you are missing out on a great opportunity to optimize your site a little more. Utilizing the correct keywords in your anchor text will not go unnoticed by those search engine spiders.

You can help to maximize your SEO by linking to valid, useful information outside of your site. This should be a fundamental part of your overall linking strategy. Search engines value off-site links more than internal links to your own pages. Look for options that offer linking opportunities to go back to your page, so your ranking and your traffic can increase.

Optimize your site for the search engines by gearing it towards your targeted niche and keywords. Continue to add content that focus on your main and long-tail keywords, as well as articles that are relevant. Remember to include keywords in your image tags and links as well. Try to place keywords in other areas with text to increase the relevance of your content.

Your site should be simple to read. The clearer and more functional you make your site, the higher the ranking your site will be on search engines. These functions, along with clarity and functionality, will optimize your website for search engines and readers.

When you make your site better for the search engines, you make your site better for potential customers. Many business are unaware of this fact.

Search engine results can be improved in a number of ways. When the system is efficient, results will be more relevant. This boosted performance will create a more satisfactory experience for your users.

Try to be creative and inclusive in the descriptions that you use with meta tags. That’s where it will make a difference, more so than in the content. The tags should be accurate and entice people to click on them.

Before starting, research your keywords. Learn what keywords you should be focusing on as you put together your site’s content. You can find out which keywords people search the most. In order to appear more on quality search engines, be sure to use this knowledge you have obtained.

The correct density of keywords is essential in SEO work. Any keyword content on an optimized web page should not exceed 20 percent of the total page.

Doing this will improve the ranking that search engines give to your site. Meta descriptions are best thought of as a request for action, as they appear beneath the hyperlink for the website in most search engines. Find out if your content management system will allow you to edit your meta description for your page.

Adding a site map to your website is a highly important search engine optimization step. Search engine spiders will be able to access your content much easier with a text based map of your site. The larger the site, the more maps it needs. Try not post more than 100 links to a map.

You should think the way a customer thinks when you are trying to figure out what keywords will be the most effective. Figure out which ordinary, everyday terms people actually use when they search.

A good rule on META description tags that you can do is to be sure that every page is unique. Don’t use identical meta tags for different pages or you’ll hurt your search rankings.

Help drive traffic to your website through search engines. Making your website search engine spider friendly is imperative for success. You must add text to all of your images, so that search engine spiders will be able to see them. Make sure the description you give is keyword rich.

SEO for your business site does not need to be complicated or difficult. All that is required is some focus, and a willingness to adapt your approach. Start today with the advice given in this article, and you will see your SEO efforts pay.”

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