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You Are Powerful My Friend!

12 Jul

Uncap your potential there’s plenty to go around

There’s something I wanted to remind you of today, a conversation I’d like to have, designed specifically with you in mind.

Growing up was hard at my house.  Some of y’all have heard my story, there is something I never mentioned though.

The hardest part of the whole experience for me was the constant put downs I endured from my stepfather. It took me years to get over to be honest. It’s actually what drove me into the lifestyle I chose to live as a youth.

Sometimes we all need to get our britches dusted and learn lessons we’ll remember for a lifetime but put downs can leave deep scars you can’t see on the surface.

I rarely talked about how it made me feel because when I did people would just tell me to, “suck it up”. At the time that sounded good to me so that’s the route I took.

I buried those feelings deep down underneath a three inch crust of anger.

On the outside I could fool just about anybody. Of course most of the people I hung around with had similar issues so it was easier to blend in, but secretly I hated myself. He made me feel like there was something wrong with me.

I used to call him, “the master of headgames” and he was.

He would purposely look for opportunities to make me feel stupid. No matter what I did it was never enough. If I was mowing the lawn, tilling the garden, trimming the bushes, whatever . . . he’d be standing in the window watching. After I did the dishes he would inspect every pot and pan, every dish, every glass.

By the time I was sixteen I’d been kicked out of every school I’d ever attended, been in and out of lock up at least a half a dozen times and still had to ask permission to eat, to turn on the TV, to leave the table . . . I hated him.

It was a miserable life, so I chose another one. 

A constant runaway, I’d gotten pretty good at hiding my anger and insecurity, but my subconscious mind would eventually give me away. I was an emotional train wreck, a time bomb ready to explode on anybody who tried to help.

Mom left him several times. We’d stay with friends for a couple of weeks, sometimes a month but she always relented.

My mother was a good woman don’t get me wrong, she was just doing what she thought was right at the time. My real father walked out and never came back, she knew I needed a father figure.

The problem was she didn’t know most of what was going on behind the scenes when she wasn’t looking, I kept a lot of it to myself.

She eventually moved out for good, got an apartment and came to pick me up from Juvenile Hall for the last time. I still had some issues that needed to be dealt with but the nightmare had finally run its course, it was over.

It took a long time to truly come to grips with it all and grow out of some of the unhealthy behavior patterns I’d adopted and this journey won’t be over til it’s really overbut I’ve learned to be thankful for everything that’s happened in my life because it’s made me who I am.

Now, back to you.

If you’re dealing with anger and insecurity from traumatic experiences in your past I want you to listen up. You’re not fooling anybody, your subconscious mind translates your struggle to the outside world in ways you probably don’t realize. You may be really good at pretending to be happy and full of confidence, but that wreckage inside your schema can’t help but peek out once in a while and it’s affecting your future, in the present.

People can tell and they’re repelled by it. Nobody offers you a thing, your life is your responsibility. Look around at your friends, misery loves company. 

There’s good news though.

No matter what anybody has told you, YOU ARE Powerful. You have extraordinary, hidden, untapped potential whether you believe it or not.

Your brain is a fantastic organ. A multiplicity of molecular momentum. As an American, as long as you work at being grateful, you have within you, the basic raw elements for tremendous success (no matter who you are)!

“..it ain’t where yer from it’s where yer at”

I know what it’s like to feel dead inside, to give up the fight and to secretly hate yourself for it. I know how painful it can be trying to maintain but dying on the inside, secretly wishing you’d never been born, but you need to let this sink down deep.

Whatever direction you choose to aim for in this life, failure or success, if you keep moving . . . you’ll get there. The quickest way past an obstacle is to relentlessly beat on the same spot until you break through, kinda like a battering ram.

As long as you don’t give up you won’t fail.

I used to think of myself as an abject failure, like I could only get so far before the Universe would get in front of me. This is what I’ve learned since then.

1)Whatever level of success you’re looking for crystalize it in your mind, be clear and specific, be intentional.Write out where you wanna be in a year. Use lots of descriptive words. What’s your perfect day look like?

2)Learn all you can; but don’t wait until you’ve got it all figured out before you start taking action. Getting ready to get ready to get ready goes nowhere.

3)Roll your sleeves up and start serving, get yourself and others around successful people that have made it, help them both get what they want.

4)Keep a good attitude, be positive about the future outcome of your efforts, be thankful for everything, good and bad.

5)Be focused, be relentless, be driven! Nobody that’s had any level of success in their life was a quitter. You’re gonna screw up, make mistakes, fail and flounder . . . it’s okay. Success is a journey not a destination, you don’t have to do everything perfectly (a lesson I learned the hard way).

Don’t pay attention to the negative voices in your head, it’s nothing but useless chatter bouncing around in your subconscious mind.Tell that thing to lay down!

Bottom line?

There’s no secret formula to getting what you want out of life except that it takes effort on our part and somebody to come along side of us and point us in the right direction.

Make plans, set goals, go on ahead and dream, just don’t stop there . . . start heading in a specific direction and keep moving! Become unstoppable in your pursuit and you increase your chances of success with every step you take.

When you hit an obstacle use the negative energy to your advantage.You may have to reformulate your plans, but the momentum you create will be like a built in GPS coordinator in your brain, and it’ll carry you through whatever change needs to happen if you just refuse to give up the fight.

That’s how it’s done.

If you need any help, counsel, advice or you just wanna talk, don’t be afraid to hit me up.



Everything depends on perception

27 Jun


Boldness obliterates obstacles

As your navigating through the marketing maze, there’s an important word to keep in mind that will either greatly increase your odds of becoming successful or doom you to failure coming out of the gate. It may seem kinda simple on the surface, but believe me it’s not. There are a lot of people trying to “keep it real” that don’t know the first thing about the term.

Human nature is such that if you’re not thinking objectively about this subject, you’ll get run over.

What I’m talking about is perception.

Your perception of yourself and your circumstances is what keeps you plowing through the obstacles that will inevitably pop up in front of you. Your prospects perception of you is what will either drive them to you, or drive them away.

If you perceive the obstacles as mountains to climb, it’ll drain your strength and desire. If your target market perceives you as timid, weak and desperate, they’ll run to get away from you. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable to be around people like that.

People are drawn to strength, “perceived” or otherwise. Having an attitude of boldness and audacity will take you a lot farther than trying to get people to like you by avoiding conflict. I’m not talking about being overtly rude, all that does is compound the problem. I mean not being afraid speak your mind about an issue, not being fearful to confront conflict head on!

There’s a lot of folks out there who think that being overtly nice is a professional strength, it can be considered one and usually is, depending on the motive. It can also be perceived as being passive aggressive.

Respect, having consideration for someone else’s feelings or opinions is definitely a quality that is appreciated by most; but if it’s because of a deep seated fear of reprisal or a possibly fist fight, it translates to others who have no such fear. It’s the reason people get bullied.

I mentioned obstacles and mountains to climb, this is also a place most people just aren’t skilled at. When you were a little baby, you had to learn how to walk, how to talk and how to eat. As you got a little older you started getting comfortable talking about concepts, you started to realize you could communicate without even thinking about it! Then you started school. You had to figure out your place in the hierarchy of the social stratosphere, who to hangout with on the playground, who to steer clear of, what kind of girls thought you were cute etc. then came the hard part, learning how to write. I don’t know you; but I’m betting you graduated kindergarten, maybe even got through to the fifth grade! Amazing right? 😉

Obstacles can either be roadblocks or opportunities. If there’s an obstacle in your way, you have one of two choices. Pack up your toys, turn around and go home or speak to it boldly. If you see it as an opportunity to shine, as a way to harness energy, you’re chances or getting through it are increased exponentially.


If you’re a fearful person, you have untapped potential you’re probably not aware of because you’ve kept it on tap. You’d be surprised what you’re capable of.

Let go of the past, cut loose the baggage of fear. Do something physical to represent your new decision. Get a pencil and a piece of paper, write out all your fears, go get a six pack of beer (even if you don’t drink), go out back and light a small fire. Read your list of fears out loud to yourself. As you say each one, mentally speak to your subconscious that you are the one that is in control not him (or her). When you’re done toss the list in the fire and watch it burn, even the embers, until the light is gone.

Now get up, mess up your hair, if you’re in a suit, loosen your tie, untuck your shirt, get a big handful of dirt (make sure it gets underneath your fingernails) and throw it on the fire.

Now go take a nice long, hot shower . . . you deserve it. If you have some beer left, give me a shout. 😉

Everything depends on perception

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Synopsis of the Subconscious

13 Jun


Give your plans some breathing room

When you finally decide to open up that business you’ve been talking about or go back to school for your degree, whatever, you need to get a running start, to create mental momentum. You’ve gotta get up ahead of your conscious mind. I know it sounds kind of crazy on the surface but hear me out.

Your brain is an amazing organ with multifaceted intent. There’s essentially three parts to it. The conscious mind, the subconscious and the unconscious mind. The conscious part is of course the one that you primarily use while you’re awake. It’s main function is to give you the ability to solve problems, formulate hypothesis and make choices, good or bad based on logic (perceived or otherwise) and rationale. The unconscious mind is systemic, physically speaking; in that it keeps your heart beating, it keeps your vital organs functioning, it causes you to pull your hand away from a hot surface so you don’t get burned, it doesn’t need your permission to do anything and it’s best to keep it that way.

You honestly don’t even need to think about it , it just does what it does.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind sits nestled in between these two. Even when you sleep, it’s still wide awake. In fact the more tired you are consciously, the more alert the subconscious actually becomes. It sort of has a mind of its own which is why we need to be careful about what we allow it to ingest. If you allow your subconscious mind to do the driving, you’ll never get anything out of this life but a world of hurt.

You need to beat it into submission, or it’ll manhandle you.

Christians describe it as the battle between the “spirit and the the flesh”. You know what you “want” to do, what you know you “should” do; but the power to do it just isn’t there. It’s why we believe that we all need a “Savior” in order to get to heaven. We’re terrible at living life at peak capacity, being “righteous” practically speaking. In fact when you do become a Christian it gets harder. It’s Gods way of showing us who’s boss. 😉

I’m not talking some pseudo spiritual type of “name it claim it” think yourself into the future gobbledygook. I’m just talking about a common sense approach to getting where you want to go, the fastest way possible.

Anyway back to my point lol.

If you want to get the maximum result in your personal pursuits, it’s best to visualize yourself where you’d like to be first, to “Be there before you’re there”. Take your subconscious mind and throw it out ahead of you, mentally. It’ll wait trust me, your mind likes closure. You may be like, “Okay this dude has lost it now”, keep reading. What you’re doing is creating a sort of loop, like when you’re watching something on TV and then just when it starts to get really interesting you see that dreaded, “To Be Continued”. Your subconscious mind wants closure, it searches for it.

It’s the part of your “schema” that advertisers (as well as and many politicians) aim for, it’s the part where they know if they can get a foothold, they can literally change your behavior over an extended period of time.

Yes, your mind is powerful, more powerful than you may realize, a terrible thing to waste. If you’d like to get the best possible results in your future endeavors, whatever that looks like to you, “Be there before you’re there” and you’ll get there . . . faster.

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How to Form a Mastermind Alliance by Napolean Hill

10 Jun


How to form a mastermind alliance

Mastermind Alliance Basics


* The first step is to adopt a Definite Purpose as an objective to be attained by the alliance, choosing individual members whose education, experience and influence are such as to make them of the greatest value in achieving that purpose.

* There isn’t any use in forming a Master Mind Alliance just to have someone to chat with. It will soon play out if you don’t have a strong motive behind it, and it’s up to you to plant that motive in the minds of the group members.Mastermind Alliance

* Your allies for this group should be chosen for their ability to help you get to where you are going. Do not choose people simply because you know them and like them. I have found out by experience that merely because you like a person is no reason whatsoever to have him as a member of your economic Master Mind Alliance. It is all right to have such a person in your social or purely personal alliance, where his contribution may simply be this very friendship you appreciate.

* You should make a careful analysis of your purpose and list the items you will need for its attainment and then systematically go about supplying the links with which to forge the chain. Each member of the alliance should make some definite, distinctive, unique contribution to the over all picture.

* In making your selection of allies for this economic group, you may have to be a little “cold blooded” at first. It is no easy job to select the right members. You may have to choose and eliminate until you get the right ones. This is costly in time and money. You should be guided in your choice by the things you need which you do not already have. If it is money you need to finance the deal, you must find a person who has the money to invest. No matter what nice people you know who would like to work with you, if they don’t have any money they cannot really make the particular contribution to the alliance you need. No-you must find a person with the money and cultivate his willingness to cooperate, by showing him the opportunities to make a profit from the investment.

* Of course, you don’t take the first person who answers the major requirement, unless he also possesses the other necessary attributes. The qualifications of membership in a Master Mind Alliance are very exacting. Consider each candidate for membership in the light of his ability, his personality, and his willingness to cooperate with you. I cannot overemphasize the necessity for harmony, if it is going to be a successful organization.


* Determine what appropriate benefit each member may receive in return for his cooperation in the alliance. At this point review the nine basic motives which I termed the alphabet of success.

Napoleon Hills 14 Secrets to Success

1. Render more service than I ask people to pay for.

2. I engage in no transaction, intentionally, that does not benefit all whom it affects.

3. I make no statements that I do not believe to be true.

4. I have a sincere desire in my heart to be of useful service to the greatest possible number of people.

5. I like people better than I like money

6. I am doing my best to live, as well as to teach my own philosophy of success.

7. I accept no favors from anyone without giving favors in return.

8. I ask nothing of any person without having a right to that for which I ask.

9. I enter into no arguments with people over trivial matters.

10. I spread the sunshine of optimism and good cheer wherever and whenever I can.

11. I never flatter people for the purpose of gaining their confidence.

12. I sell counsel and advice to other people, at a modest price, but never offer free advice.

13. Which teaching others how to achieve success, I have demonstrated that I can make my philosophy work for myself as well, thus “practicing what I preach”

14. I am so thoroughly sold on the work in which I am engaged that my enthusiasm over it becomes contagious and others are influenced by it.

From Napoleon Hills book The Master Key to Success.

Base your appeals for cooperation on one or more of these motives. I can tell you ahead of time which motive will have the greatest appeal and I’ll bet you can guess it yourself.

* You’re right! It’s the desire for material wealth, or profit. If you make a profit, be willing to divide it with those who help you. Be not only fair, but generous with them, and the more generous you are with them, the more help you will get from them. Remember the principle of going the extra mile. What a pity that not all businessmen know about that! One of my purposes in life is to see that they learn about it.


* Establish a definite place where the members of the alliance will meet, have a definite plan, and arrange a definite time for the mutual discussion of the plan. You will recall the importance of a plan in connection with your Definite Major Purpose. Well, this is the time and place to reveal that plan to those who are your friends and harmonious associates, who will have a community of interest in the success of the venture. You may think your plan is very good, but before you get through discussing it with your allies you will undoubtedly modify it until you hit upon the perfect plan.

* When you have established rapport between your mind and the minds of others in your Master Mind Alliance, you will find that ideas will flow into the minds of each of the members and likewise into your own mind. When the Master Mind is in effect, it produces ideas that would not come to your mind alone. I have had that experience many times when sitting in on the many groups of which I am a member on a consulting basis.

* The Round Table discussion will be the place where everyone meets, and where each member may speak with confidence. They all see what’s on the table. You have no secrets in such a group, which results from the care with which you select members.

* It is important that frequent and regular contacts be made between the members. Indefiniteness on this point, or utter neglect, will bring defeat. You must keep in almost continuous contact with the other minds of the group if you are to get the full benefit of them. Meetings should be scheduled often, and telephone numbers exchanged, so that it is possible within a few minutes to discuss any sudden development with the group


* It is the burden of the leader of the alliance to see that harmony among all the members is maintained and that action is continuous in the pursuance of the Definite Major Objective. Action or work is the connecting link between desire, plan, and fulfillment.


* The watchword of the alliance should be Definiteness of Purpose, Positiveness of Plan, backed by continuous perfect harmony. The major strength of such an alliance consists in the perfect blending of the mind of all members. Jealousy, envy or friction, as well as lagging of interest on the part of any member, will bring defeat unless he is removed at once.


* The number of Individuals in an alliance should be governed entirely by the nature and magnitude of the purpose to be attained. If you are going after a purpose comparable to that of Mr. Edison’s you will require a large number of persons with special talents and training. A lesser undertaking will call for a correspondingly smaller group. In general, it is better to have as few members as possible, because it will be that much easier to maintain harmony among them. Quite often a man will need only a really cooperative alliance with his wife in order to achieve the purpose he feels inspired to achieve.

* If a man cannot find that harmony which I have mentioned as being desirable between man and wife, it is possible for a man to form a purely economic alliance with a woman other than a wife.



If you just wanna be comfortable, you’re about to get left behind.  If you think you know it all already, you’re in for a big surprise.  If you’re a people pleaser, you’d might as well hang it up; but if you wanna win, if you want true success like you want your next breath..

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Can I create my own success?

30 May


Creating Your Own Success is Easier Than You Think

What does it mean to create your own success story? Is it some kinda magical formula that you can download off of the internet? Is it some push button wonder program?

Is it getting your degree so you can finally do what you’ve always wanted to do, or maybe to put yourself in a better financial position to finally be making enough money to build a nest egg? Is it getting a promotion at your job or being able to travel around the world whenever you wanted to with whoever you wanted to do it with, maybe winning the lottery? Does it mean having a great family with healthy, well adjusted kids, big Christmas parties, getting along with your neighbor, living in a big house?

Notice what your mind did when I asked you those questions. As you read them, it “created” images in your schema of what all of those things would look like, to you.

We all have our own ideas of success; but whatever you’re aiming at you need to have a vivid picture of what that would look like in your mind. If you can’t envision yourself, you personally, in your future as a success..you won’t be.

We have to program ourselves for success by seeing it ahead of time.

Our minds are amazing. What we think about, what we watch, what we listen to, has a direct relation to how things end up.

Can you create your own success story? You will create it, or you wont.

As you read this you may be getting excited, or you may be saying to yourself, “What a crock”. Regardless of what you think or feel it’s your mind using a process called a “transderivational search“. That’s just a fancy way of explaining how your subconscious will receive and interpret information through it’s own unique grid. How you were raised, the influence of society, your memories, all these things play pivotal roles when it comes to interpreting reality.

There are things that are true, regardless of how we feel about it. We can’t create truth out of falsehood; but we can train our subconscious mind to work better at helping to shape our future by listening to audios and reading stories about successful people in books. Your mind will put you in those stories as it looks for ways to relate to the person(s) portrayed.

Christ used parables. There was a reason for that. The human mind is extraordinary, this isn’t just psycho babble or fluff. It’s your key to unlocking the power that has been put “on tap”. We’ve been stifled by various influences, limited to think and act like worker bees.

If we want out of the Matrix, we’ve gotta start to think outside of the box.

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