Breakdancing and Graffiti, the Forgotten Elemental Expressions

13 Jul


Two of the things that pulled me into hip hop as a kid, besides the phenominosity factor of the genre itself, were breakdancing and graffiti, the seemingly forgotten elements.

I grew up on the westcoast in the San Juoaqin Valley during the mid-eighties. At the time San Jose was the Capital scene. I’d take the bus there just to watch these cats jump off. With all the glam, hype and sleepytime monotone drivel you hear comin’ outta speakers today,  people seem to be forgetting what used to make this thing pop.

I can do a little somethin’, not like this though!

While the industry tries to redefine it’s essence..the elemental principles are still alive and well. 

There’s all kinda different philosophies, styles and flavors that make up the whole and I don’t necessarily agree with all of ’em . . . but that’s okay, hip hop is just a place for everybody to congregate, it’s not a church.

Lot’s of people think it’s just about beats and rapping. There’s a lot more to it than that but there are essentially four elements:

  • Emcee (the rapper)
  • Deejay (the beatman)
  • Graffiti (the graphic artist)
  • Bboys (the dance team)

I just wanted to put these cats on blast.

Why?’s the right thing to do.

Elemental Elegance

Real hop is about keepin this world here for the next generation, it’s not just about gangs and drugs..don’t get it twisted.

“Rap nowadays is like a bunch o’ ignorant cats, not young, gifted and black just guns, bitches and crack”

-Hand me downs

You can’t put real hop in a box, it’ll find a way out believe it.

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